Dr. Manisha Kumari

Research Area

I received my Ph.D. in Micropaleontology in the year 2003 at MLS University, Udaipur. Further, I continued research work in MLS University and Pondicherry University as Principal Investigator in DST, New Delhi sponsored major research projects sanctioned under FTSYS. I have conducted field and laboratory studies based on Ostracode fauna collected from various parts of India. My research focuses on Taxonomy, Biostratigraphy, Paleobiogeography, Palaeoenvironmental/Paleoclimatological/Paleoecological reconstructions, shell geochemistry etc. I joined Pondicherry University as an Assistant Professor in the year 2010 and since have involved in academic and administrative activities, training and guiding students in field studies and research work.

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Research Guidance
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Teaching Experience

Notable Publications

Atlas of the Middle Jurassic Ostracods from Western India. Published by The Palaeontological Society of India, 2009, 165p. (S.C. Khosla, S.R. Jakhar and Manisha Kumari).

Khosla, S.C., Manisha Kumari, Darwin Felix, A., Jakhar, S.R. and Nagori, M.L., 2003, A note on the Jurassic Ostracode Fauna of Bela Island, Rann of Kachchh, Gujarat, Current Science, 2003, vol. 85, no. 3, pp. 249- 251.

Khosla, S.C., Manisha Kumari, Darwin Felix, A., Jakhar, S.R. and Nagori, M.L., 2005, Middle Jurassic Ostracodes from the Northern Island belt, Rann of Kachchh, Gujarat. Journal of the Paleontological Society of India, vol. 50 (1), pp. 17-64.

Manisha Kumari (2011). Paleozoogeography of Ostracods from the Jurassic beds of Jaisalmer and its Implications. Memoir of the Geological Society of India, No. 77, ISBN: 978-81-907636-2-2, pp. 453-460.

Khosla, S.C., Jakhar, S.R., Manisha Kumari and Sanjay Dubey, 2006, Ostracodes from Fort and Kuldhar members, Jaisalmer Formation, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Journal of the Palaeontological Society of India, vol. 51 (1), pp. 1-31.

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