Dr. M. Nandhini

Research Area

Dr. M. NANDHINI, working as Professor in the Department of Computer Science, Pondicherry University. She has awarded BSC (Mathematics), MCA, MPhil, PhD in Computer Science and qualified UGC (NET) in first attempt. She is a recipient of University Ranks in both UG and PG from Bharathidasan University, Tamilnadu
She has gained 26 years of collegiate teaching experience and 21 years of research experience. Her research interest includes Soft Computing, Evolutionary Optimization Algorithms and Data Mining, Guiding scholars on these and related areas. She has received Best Paper and Best presenter Awards in International Conferences.
She has been sanctioned RS. 24,72,008 for DST/SERB/CRG funded project for a period of 3 years. In addition to this, to her academic credit she has published several research publications in various national and international Journals, Books and Book Chapters.

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Research Guidance
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Teaching Experience

Notable Publications

"Deep Learning Model of Sequential Image Classifier for Crop Disease Detection in Plantain Tree Cultivation published " in Elsevier: Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, June 2022.

“Optimal feature selection using binary teaching learning based optimization algorithm” published in ScienceDirect :Journal of King Saud University - Computer and Information Sciences, February 2022

“ Entropy Slicing Extraction and Transfer Learning Classification for Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer Diseases with sMRI” published in ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications (TOMM)’, 2022

"Wrapper based Feature Selection using Integrative Teaching Learning Based Optimization Algorithm” published in IAJIT: The International Arab Journal of Information Technology, November 2020

“Context-Category Specific Sequence Aware Point-Of-Interest Recommender System with Multi-Gated Recurrent Unit”, published in Springer: Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, December 2019.

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