Dr. L. Mothilal

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Dr. Mothilal is a professor of Marketing, General Management, and Public Systems at Pondicherry University. Since graduating in 1998, he has participated in numerous prestigious academic programs, including those offered by CMC Ltd., IIMA, IIMK, MDI Gurgaon, and BPST – Lok Sabha Secretariat. These programs have greatly contributed to his professional expertise.

With over 24 years of extensive experience, Dr. Mothilal excels in teaching and research and brings valuable industry knowledge to his role. His dedication to academic excellence is evident through his presentation of research papers at 46 conferences. Furthermore, his contributions extend to 26 research papers, 9 conference proceedings, 2 book chapters, and 2 edited volumes, which showcase his scholarly accomplishments. His recent publications include four research papers on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals cover a wide range of topics, including strategies for sustainable poverty reduction, inclusive industrialization, sustainable public systems, and good governance.

Dr. Mothilal’s exceptional organizational abilities are evident in his successful coordination of both international and national conferences and workshops. His approach is characterized by unconventionality, creativity, and futurism, which enable him to consistently push the boundaries of knowledge and innovation in his field.

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Notable Publications

Shukla L., Lakavath M. (2020) Good Governance: Its Role in Building a Sustainable Future. In: Leal Filho W., Azul A., Brandli L., Özuyar P., Wall T. (eds) Partnerships for the Goals. Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Springer, Cham, https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-71067-9

Mothilal, L., (2018), Reengineering Transportation Systems for Sustainable Business and Economy - A Case for Public Transportation System with an Emphasis on High Speed Rail Transport”, Research Review International Journal of Multidisciplinary, July, pp.7-12 (ISSN: 2455-3085)

Sushin, M. and Mothilal, L., (2018), “An Insight on Consumer’s Hedonic Behavior, Attitude and Purchase Intention towards the Counterfeit fashion Products”, Research Review International Journal of Multidisciplinary, July, pp.7-12 (ISSN: 2455-3085)

Mothilal, L., (2017), “Strategic innovation imperative: Ecosystem for promoting innovation for sustainability”, Journal of Management, Vol.4, Issue 2, October 2017, pp.779-784 (ISSN: 2347-3940)

Mothilal, L., (2015), “Sustainable governance for sustainable development with an emphasis towards innovation of green technologies”, International Journal of Business Intelligence and Innovations, pp.217-225, (ISSN:2348-4705)