Dr. Krishna Kumar Jaiswal

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Dr. Krishna Kumar Jaiswal is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Green Energy Technology, Pondicherry University, Puducherry, India. He received his Ph.D. in Green Energy Technology from Pondicherry University, India. He has worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Durban University of Technology, South Africa. He has also worked for Indo-Russian Research (DST, Government of India). His research and teaching interest include bioenergy and biofuels, bioresources, advanced biocatalysis, biofuel technologies. He is actively involved in the research and development of new technologies for biogenic energy materials, biofuels, microalgae biorefinery, bioremediation, homo-/heterogeneous catalysts, thermochemical conversions, biomass conversion to biofuels, etc. He has published more than 60+ research articles in reputed journals and one patent with an h-index of 20+. He has acquired prestigious fellowships and academic reputations such as NRF-SARChI, UGC-DSKPDF, DST-SRF, JNMF, UGC-NET, IIT-GATE, TN-SET, NCC ‘B’, NCC ‘C’, NSS, etc. He is an active life member of several renowned scientific societies, a member of the editorial boards, and a reviewer for renowned scientific journals.

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Notable Publications

Graphitic bio-char and bio-oil synthesis via hydrothermal carbonization-co-liquefaction of microalgae biomass (oiled/de-oiled) and multiple heavy metals remediations

Small-scale phyco-mitigation of raw urban wastewater integrated with biodiesel production and its utilization for aquaculture

Microalgae fuel cell for wastewater treatment: Recent advances and challenges

Microwave-assisted rapid synthesis of Fe3O4/poly (styrene-divinylbenzene-acrylic acid) polymeric magnetic composites and investigation of their structural and magnetic properties

Impact of aquatic microplastics and nanoplastics pollution on ecological systems and sustainable remediation strategies of biodegradation and photodegradation

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