Dr. Kiruthika

Research Area

I am currently working as faculty at Pondicherry University in the Department of Statistics. I teach Multivariate Statistical Analysis, Design of Experiments, Data Analysis using Statistical Packages for M.Sc. Statistics programme. My research interest is in the area of Cluster Analysis.

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Research Guidance
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Notable Publications

Kiruthika and R. Chandrasekaran, Classification of Textile Fabrics Using Statistical Multivariate Techniques , Journal of Applied Statistics, 39:5, 1129-1138, 2012.

R. Ganesan, P. Dhanavanthan, C. Kiruthika, P. Kumarasamy and D. Balasubramanyam, Comparative Study of Linear Mixed-effects and Artificial Neural Network Models for Longitudinal Unbalanced Growth Data of Madras Red Sheep, Veterinary World, 7, 52 – 58, February 2014.

Kiruthika and M. Dilsha, A Neural Network Approach for Microfinance Credit Scoring, Journal of Statistics and Management Systems, Vol. 18, Issue 1-2, 121-138, March 2015.

Kiruthika and Dilsha M, A Comparative Study of Support Vector Machine and Logistic Regression in Credit Scorecard Model, International Journal of Information and Management Sciences, Vol. 26, No. 4, pp. 411-422, December 2015

Deepana R and Kiruthika C, Model Based Clustering using Finite mixtures of Multivariate Geometric Skew Normal Distributions. Model Assisted Statistics and Applications, 15, 53 – 65, 2020