Dr. K. Prashanth

Research Area

I, Dr. Prashanth K is involved research that focuses on molecular pathogenesis aspects of nosocomial pathogens. In particular, studying of PathoGenomics and molecular evolution of resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii. I am a recipient of DST Young scientist award, FEMS-Young scientist award, Melinda-Gate foundation’s INCLEN Young-scientist award and UGC research award. Have project funding from different agencies such as DST, UGC, AERB, SERB, and ICMR. I have published 48 research articles in reputed journals with the cumulative impact factor 85.6, the h-index of 19, i-10 index of 25 and they have received 1135 citations so far. I have been in reviewer board of reputed clinical microbiology journals such as Virulence, International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, Multiple Drug Resistance etc

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Research Guidance
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Teaching Experience

Notable Publications

"Pal, A K., Pagal, S., Prashanth K., et al. Ag/ZnO/Au 3D hybrid structured reusable SERS substrate as highly sensitive platform for DNA detection Sensors & Actuators B: Chemical, 2019; 279, 157-169. Impact Factor: 7.10"

R Saranathan, S Pagal, AR Sawant, A Tomar, M Madhangi, S Sah, A Satti, K Prashanth. Disruption of tetR type regulator adeN by mobile genetic element confers elevated virulence in Acinetobacter baumannii. 2017 Virulence; 1-19. Impact Factor: 5.542

Arunachalam Paraneeiswaran, Sudhir K. Shukla, K. Prashanth, T. Subba Rao Microbial reduction of [Co(III)-EDTA]− by Bacillus licheniformis SPB-2 strain isolated from a solar salt pan. Journal of Hazardous material. 2015; 283:582-90. 10/2014; DOI: 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2014.09.058 Impact Factor: 9.08

Purty S, Saranathan R, K. Prashanth, K. Narayanan, Johny Asir, Chandrakesan Sheela Devi, Satish Kumar Amarnath. The expanding spectrum of human infections caused by Kocuria species: a case report and literature review. Nature - Emerging Microbes and Infections Oct 23th 2013 2, e71 doi:10.1038/emi.2013.71 Impact Factor: 5.77

"Srinivasa Rao R, Uma Karthika R, Satya Prakash Singh, Shashikala P, Reba Kanungo, Jayachandran S , Prashanth K. Correlation between Biofilm production and Multiple Drug Resistance in Imipenem Resistant Clinical isolates of Acinetobacter baumannii. Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology 2008; 26:333-337. Impact Factor: 0.91 "

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