Dr. K. Lavanya Latha

Research Area

I have contributed to different fields of research due to the interest in the inter disciplinary subjects. I have made contributions to the research areas related HRM, marketing, entrepreneurship and Women Empowerment. More particularly I have attempted to indentify the major challenges in the field of my research and also attempted to understand the causes and consequences of these challenges. In some of my research papers, I have also made suggestions in order to address these challenges. Most of my papers are empirical studies and also published papers in standard referred journals like emerald, Scopus, UGC listed journals with good impact factor.

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Research Guidance
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Teaching Experience

Notable Publications

"LavanyaLatha, K and Murthy B.E.V.V.N (2009) “Problems of Small Scale Entrepreneurs in Nellore District”, Journal of Chinese Entrepreneurship, Vol.1, No.3, pp.268-278.[ISSN-1756-1396][EMERALD JOURNAL]"

"Deepthi KKC and Lavanya Latha.K (2012), Growth of Small Scale Entrepreneurship: A case study of Nellore District, International Journal of Economics and Management, Vol.6, issue.1, July, pp.98-114. [ISSN 1823-836X] [ SCOPUS JOURNAL]"

"Lavanya Latha.K (2016), A Reflection on Financial Problems of Women Entrepreneurs in Pondicherry, SAARANSH, Vol.8, No.1, July, pp.48-55. [ISSN 0975-4601] [ UGC Approved Journal & listed in CABELL’S DIRECTORY, USA, ULRICH’S PERIODICALUSA]"

"Lavanya Latha.K and Prabhakar.K (2011), Non-Government Organizations: Problems & Remedies In India, Serbian Journal of Management, 6 (1) pp.102-121 [ISSN 1452-4864] "

"LavanyaLatha, K and Murthy B.E.V.V.N (2009) “The Motives of Small Scale Entrepreneurs in Nellore District: An Exploratory Study”, South Asian Journal of Management, Vol.16, Issue No.2, April-June, pp.91-108.[ISSN 0971-5428] [ UGC Approved Journal]"

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