Dr. K. Anbu

Research Area

Dr.K.Anbu has acquired his MSW, M.Phil and Ph.D degrees from the Bharathiar University, Coimbatore and MBA from the IGNOU, New Delhi. He has 23 years of teaching and research experience in Social Work. His areas of interest include; Social Work in the Work Place, Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations, Community Social Work, Social Work with Adolescents and Youth and Social Work Research. Under his guidance, 8 Ph.D and 12 M.Phil degrees have been awarded so far and five are currently pursuing their Ph.D research work. Dr.Anbu has published around 10 research articles in quality journals, 20 articles in edited volumes and co-authored a book. He has presented research papers in more than 40 national and international conferences, delivered invited lectures and Chaired sessions in numerous conferences and seminars. He has also organised many conferences, seminars and workshops and coordinated few departmental and sponsored research projects. He is also serving as a member many academic bodies. He has served as Chairman and Member of Board of Studies in Social Work in many Universities and institutions. He is a life member of prominent social work associations in India such as the Indian Society of Professional Social Work and National Association of Professional Social Workers in India.

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Notable Publications

Anbu, K. (2013). ‘Role stress, job performance and job satisfaction of supervisors in textile industry, Journal of Research, Extension and Development, Vol.1, No.10, June, 76-83. (ISSN:2319-1899)

Mancy C.Pareeth and Anbu, K. (2016). Spiritual well-being and Caregivers’ Strain in Dementia Care-giving, International Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Studies, Vol.3, Issue 6, June, 12-18. ISSN: 2394-6288 (Print) & ISSN: 2394-6296 (Online)

Sivakumar,C. and Anbu, K. (2013). Knowledge on cancer among cancer patients, International Journal for Research and Development, Vol.1, No.4, Nov-Dec, 31-34. (ISSN: 2321-3434).

Akhila,E. and Anbu,K.(2018). Insights into the entrepreneurial role stress of women entrepreneurs in Kudumbashree based micro enterprises in Kerala, International Journal of Academic Research and Development, Vol.3, Issue 1, January, 499-504. ISSN: 2455-4197. Impact Factor: RJIF 5.22.

Katamgari Balaiah and Anbu, K. (2015). Abuses of children with disability in Cuddalore city of Tamil Nadu, India, Journal of Exclusion Studies, Vol.5, No.2, August, 177-183. (Print ISSN:2231-4547; Online ISSN: 223-4555)

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