Dr. Jesurathnam Devarapalli

Research Area

I obtained PG and Ph.D in Anthropology from Andhra University and was awarded the Research Associate(PDF) Fellowship from the Council of Industrial and Scientific Research(CSIR). Joined Pondicherry University as guest faculty in 2000 and have served this university for the last 20 years as Assistant Professor and Associate Professor. I am instrumental in building the Department of Anthropology, the first 6 years when there was not even a single sanctioned post to the department. The department has witnessed a steady and stable growth starting with one student in the year of establishment and presently reached a strength of 33 enrollment, and I have the honour of teaching all these students. Organised national seminars and the recent one is held during 1-2 August 2019 on ‘Tribal cultures in transition’.

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Research Guidance
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Teaching Experience

Notable Publications

"Ecological constraints and human adaptive strategies in a river island ecosystem. Jesurathnam Devarapalli R.Yathiraj Kumar INSULA - International Journal for Island Affairs. International Scientific Council for Island Development. PARIS.-FRANCE July 2000, year No 1. ISSN: 1021-0814"

"Ethnomedical practices of Chenchu: A case of Integrated system. --Jesurathnam Devarapalli Journal of Human Ecology –International & Inter-disciplinary Journal, Vol 22 (1) 2007.pp. 27-33 ISSN: 0258-0438"

"Natural disturbances and cultural responses on a river island in Andhra Pradesh. --Jesurathnam Devarapalli Journal of Ecological Anthropology (International Journal of University of South Florida, USA). Vol 12, No 1 pp 5-21, 2008. ISSN 1528-6509"

"Medical Pluralism and Health: The Challenges and Prospects of Universal Health Protection in India --Jesurathnam Devarapalli Journal of Indian Anthropological Society, 2018, 53 (1):29-42 ISSN: 0019-4387"

"Marginal resources and sustainable livelihood of Markallu : The role of native knowledge and indigenous technology. --Jesurathnam Devarapalli Oriental Anthropologist (International Journal of The Science of Man), 2018, Vol.18, No.1, pp. 143-160 ISSN: 0972-558X, e-ISSN: 0976-3430"

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