Dr. Gadi Padmavati

Research Area

Qualified M.Phil, Ph.D (India, 1994), Ph.D (Japan, 2002), Post Doc Fellow (Andhra University, AP, 2003-2005), DST Women Scientist (Andhra University, AP, 2005-2007). Working as Asst. Professor III, Pondicherry Universit since 2007. Awaiting CAS Promotion for Associate Professor due on 30/11/205 and for Professor due on 30/11/2018. 26 years of research experience in the field of Marine Biology. Acquired 2 major research projects.

Research Guidance
0 years
Teaching Experience

Notable Publications

G. Padmavati,T.Ikeda and A. Yamaguchi. 2004. Life cycle, population structure and vertical distribution of Metridia spp(Copepoda:calanoida)in the Oyashio region (NW Pacific Ocean). Marine Ecological Progress Series 270:181-198.

"R Jayabarathi, G Padmavati and I Anandavelu, (2015). Spatial heterogeneity of benthic copepods: a comparative aspect on composition, abundance, and correlation. Zoological Studies, 1-9."

Nishida Shuhei, I. Ananadavelu and G. Padmavati. 2015. Two New Species of Tortanus (Atortus) (Copepoda: Calanoida, Tortanidae) from the Andaman Islands. Crustaceana. 88(2):216-230.

"Sai Elangovan S., Padmavati G. 2017. Distribution, diversity and carbon content of the tintinnids from the coastal waters of Port Blair, South Andaman. Regional Studies in Marine Science. 2017.14 132–144"

Sai Elangovan S., Padmavati G. 2017. Diversity and distribution of heterotrophic dinoflagellates from the coastal waters of Port Blair, South Andaman. Environ. Monit Assess. 189:614.

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