Dr. Binu Zachariah

Research Area

Dr. Binu Zachariah is a PhD holder from the University of Hyderabad with a teaching experience of 20 years. At present he works as Associate Professor in the Dept. of English, Pondicherry University. He has been the Co-ordinator of the Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Professional Communication in English from 2009. He has published several papers related to literature, language and communication in reputed journals and books. He has also made presentations in national and international seminars & conferences. In addition to this, he has delivered talks and lectures on various aspects of communication skills and also organized training programs in schools and colleges. He has produced four PhDs in addition to several M. Phil scholars. He teaches a wide variety of courses in English language and literature to post graduate and integrated students.

Research Guidance
0 years
Teaching Experience

Notable Publications

“Reading from Online Sources: Strategies for Young Learners” in Language in India Vol.16 Issue 2, Feb 2016. pp 10-19. (ISSN: 1930-2940)

“Semantic Mapping: A Strategy for Enhanced Reading Performance” in Journal of English Language Teachers’ Interaction Forum, Vol 7.1, Jan-Mar. 2016. pp. 30-34. (ISSN:2230-7710)

“Developing Reading Skills in English: The Role of Motivation and Attitude” in The Journal of English Language Teaching Vol. 57 Issue 5, Sept-Oct 2015. pp. 7-12. (ISSN: 0973-5208)

“Literacy as an Interface of Religion and Colonialism: A Historical Perspective on the Development of Christianity in Kerala” in Contemporary Discourse Vol. 6 Issue 2, July 2015. pp. 34-40. (ISSN: 0976-3686)

“Fictional Portrayals of Christ—A Comparative Socio-cultural Study” in Dialogue, Vol.VI, No.1, June 2010. pp.15-24. (ISSN:0974-5556)

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