Dr. B. R. Shantha Kumari

Research Area

Dr.B.R.Shantha Kumari – is the First Student who in 1989, joined the newly started Department of Philosophy – then known as “Sri Aurobindo School of Eastern & Western Thought”, Pondicherry University, under the Supervisorship of Dr. R. Balasubramanian.
She has delivered more than 150 lectures in many National & International Conferences, in most of the major Universities in India; and abroad in Canada, USA, Korea, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Greece & China. In March-2010, she lectured on “Politics & Religion: Indian Perspective” at UNESCO – Paris, France.
She has guided many Projects, Dissertations & Theses; secured the UGC – SAP status for the Department of Philosophy, started the Indian Journal of Philosophy, Religion & Culture and served as its Editor.
A multi-linguist, her interests include travelling, gardening, reading, nurturing pets and spiritualism.

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Research Guidance
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Notable Publications

"Reality, World and Souls”, Advaitamrtam: Swami Chinmayananda Birth Centenary Celebration Commemorative Volume, Ernakulam: Chinmaya International Foundation & CIF ShodhaSansthan, Veliyanad, Kerala, First Edition, 2015, pp. 63 – 71. ISBN - 938086426-4.

“Estrangement and Enlargement: Yoga View” in the 11th International Congress of SocialPhilosophy (ICSP) & 4th International Congress of Spiritual Science (ICYS), conducted by theDepartment of Mass Communication & Journalism, Karnatak University, Dharwad, 2012, pp.294- 301. ISBN 978-81-924572-0-8.

“Religion: Nature, Aim, and Function” in Spirituality: The World’s Religions After September11Ed. Arvind Sharma, London: Praeger Publishers, Vol. IV, 2009, pp.23 – 32. ISBN 978 – 0 – 275 –99629 - 190000.

“Pasu: Saiva-Siddhanta View” – Saiva-Siddhanta Endowment Lecture in Understanding Philosophy: Eastern and Western Perspectives, Ed. Manjulika Ghosh, New Delhi: Sundeep Prakashan, 2005, pp.55 – 71. ISBN 817574 - 154 – 6

“Transformative Metaphysics: Advaita as a Model”, in R.Balasubramanian (Ed.), The Tradition ofAdvaita, New Delhi: Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd., 1994, pp.178-201. ISBN 81 –215 – 0588 – 7

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