Dr. Archana Pan

Research Area

I am a computational biologist. I joined the Centre for Bioinformatics, Pondicherry University as an Assistant Professor in April, 2009. At present, I am offering the courses, ‘Biostatistics’, ‘Programming in Perl’ and ‘Bioinformatics: Sequence Analysis’ to M.Sc. Bioinformatics students, and ‘Mathematics for Biosciences’, ‘Fundamentals of Biostatistics’ and ‘Perl Programming for Biologists’ to M. Tech. Computational Biology students. My research group focuses mainly on the identification of therapeutic candidates in human pathogens and characterization of yet unannotated microbial genes/proteins of pathological significance using integrated computational approaches.

I did my post graduation in Applied Mathematics at Jadavpur University, Kolkata and was awarded Ph.D. in 1998 by the same university for the work on ‘Computational analysis of statistical compositions of nucleotide sequences’. I have several years of postdoctoral experience from Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata and Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata in the field of computational biology. I had an opportunity to serve as a lecturer for a short period at Jadavpur University, Kolkata as well.

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Notable Publications

Jyoti Prava, Pranavathiyani G, Archana Pan*, Functional assignment for essential hypothetical proteins of Staphylococcus aureus N315. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules Oct 27, 2017, DOI: 10.1016/j.ijbiomac.2017.10.169. [IF:5.162]

Archana Pan, Chandrajit Lahiri, Anjana Rajendiran, Buvaneswari Shanmugham, Computational analysis of protein interaction networks for infectious diseases, Briefings in Bioinformatics (2015), Aug 10, pii: bbv059. [IF:8.9]

Buvaneswari Shanmugham, Archana Pan, Identification and characterization of potential therapeutic candidates in emerging human pathogen Mycobacterium abscessus: A novel hierarchical in silico approach, PLoS One (2013), Vol.8 (Issue 3), e59126. [IF:2.74]

Aditya Sharma, Archana Pan, Identification of potential drug targets in Yersinia pestis using metabolic pathway analysis: MurE ligase as a case study, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2012), Vol. 57, 185-195. [IF:5.572]

Archana Pan, Ipsita Chanda, Jayprokas Chakrabarti, Analysis of the genome and proteome composition of Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus: Indication for recent prey-derived horizontal gene transfer, Genomics (2011), Vol. 98, 213-222. [IF:6.205]

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