Outreach Programs by PG Diploma in Criminology & Forensic Science to Autopsy Demonstration

The students of Post-Graduate diploma in Criminology and Forensic Science were taken to Indira Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute for Autopsy demonstration on May 11th, 2022 as part of outreach program to understand the medico-legal reporting of crime, analysis of crime scenes and medio-legal aspects of crime. It was interesting to know about the changes happening in the body post death like the Algor mortis, Rigor mortis, Livor mortis and decomposition. The students were examining the internal organs and were well educated on collection of biological samples for analysis. It was a very useful one to better understand the practical aspects of forensics.

The faculty Coordinator for the visit was Dr. G.Subhalakshmi.

Event Date :

May 11

Organizer :

Head, School of Law,