At present, Pondicherry University has twenty two hostels in the campus, of which, fourteen are for boys and eight are for girls. Out of the fourteen boys’ hostels, ten are for PG courses and four for Research Scholars. Out of eight girls’ hostels, seven are for PG students and one is for Research Scholars. The Karaikal Campus has two hostels one for Boys and one for girls. One boys hostel and one girls hostel is available at Port Blair Campus also. Foreign Students’ Hostels The University has Air Conditioned & non-Air Conditioned hostel rooms available for the foreign students. 40 rooms are available in C.V.Raman Hostel for boys and 49 rooms are available in Madame Curie for girls. The fee structure for the foreign students are different from that of the general hostel students. Foreign Students are expected to pay hostel fees at the time of hostel admission.  
Chief Warden, Boys Hostels

Dr. Alok Sharan

Ph : +91-413-2654633
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Chief Warden (i/c), Girls Hostels

Dr. Manisha Kumari

Ph : +91-413-2654292
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Deputy Registrar (Services & Hostels)

Dr. A. Saravanan

Ph : +91-413-2654272


Warden List

Hostel Admissions

Since limited Hostel facility is available, hostel accommodation will be given to one third of the students to be admitted in each course. Hostel Admission will be given on the recommendations of Head of the Department, subject to the approval of the Chief Warden and availability of rooms. Preference will be given to student coming from distant places. 

Hostel Fees

The caution deposit of Rs.3,000/- (for Indian nationals) is to be paid while joining the hostels. This will be refunded after vacating the hostel by means of Account Transfer/ Account Payee Cheque, subject to surrender of original Challan after deducting dues, if any. Open Cheque will not be issued under any circumstances. Therefore, students must necessarily open their bank accounts in Indian Bank, Pondicherry University Branch.

The hostel fees is to be paid every year at the beginning of the academic year in June/ July as follows:

  • Room Rent for P.G students – Rs.900/- p.a. 
  • Room Rent for Ph.D – Rs.1800/- p.a. 
  • General Amenities Fund – Rs.700/- p.a. 
  • Establishment Charges – Rs.300/- p.a. 
  • Application Fees (at the time of admission only) – Rs.75/-

No room rent is charged by the Pondicherry University from SC/ ST students (copy of community certificate duly attested by a Gazetted Officer is to be produced). Rent free accommodation will be provided to differently-abled students. The differently-abled Students have to pay their Mess Fees and then claim for subsidy from the University Hostels (copy of Disability Certificate duly attested by a Gazetted Officer is to be produced to avail this facility).


However, they have to pay all other fees like Application for admission, General Amenities Fund, Establishment charges, Caution Deposit.

Duration of Stay

PG students – 2 years, Ph.D Students – 4 years, Integrated Students –          5 years from the date of admission to the hostel.

Except Research scholars, all students must vacate the hostel during summer and winter vacation. Disciplinary action will be taken against those hostellers who do not pay their dues on time. Students must obtain No Dues certificate for Mess & Room Rent from the Hostel Office before writing semester exams, producing challans for payment of Hostel fees and dues. Those who are availing Bank Loan must keep their original challans of caution deposit for claiming refund while vacating hostel, and photo copies of other challans with Bank seal.


Dining in the hostel messes is compulsory for hostel students. No permission will be granted for dining outside the hostel mess under any circumstances. Subramania Bharathi Hostel and Bharathidasan Hostel are managed by the research scholars and rest of the messes are outsourced. Five well-equipped mega messes (three for boys & two for girls) are available for dining by Hostel residents of the University. The hostel messes are run by experienced and qualified caterers. The messes offer meals at reasonable rates.

Mess fees

The mess fee is to be paid in two instalments at the beginning of each semester in a year i.e. June and January. The exact amount to be paid will be notified to the concerned students at the time of admission into the hostel. It would be as per the prevailing rates as applicable for PG & Ph.D hostel inmates.

If Ph.D Scholars failed to pay the hostel mess fee within the stipulated time, the fees may be recovered/deducted directly from the scholar’s stipend / fellowship /JRF. They also will be removed from the University hostel.

All hostel-related communications from the hostel inmates to the University authorities shall be routed through the proper channel, i.e. through the wardens of the respective hostels and Chief Warden. Any subversive activity, misdemeanor, obnoxious behaviour, flouting of Hostel Rules & Regulation, misconduct, disobedience, ragging, failure to clear dues, etc. shall be severely punished, and even result in dismissal from the hostel and as well as Department by the University authority whose interpretation of the rules shall be final.

Set of rules and regulations applicable to the inmates of the hostels will be given to each student at the time of admissions into hostel.

Consumption of alcohol and narcotics is considered as a serious offence. Therefore, intoxicating drugs or liquor should not be consumed in the campus. Smoking in the hostel premises is prohibited. Fire-arms should not be brought to the hostel in any case. Such acts will mean immediate expulsion of the resident from the hostel. Accommodating outsiders/passed out students in the hostel leads to trespass and will be handed over to police for prosecution. Therefore inmates must be careful before entertaining any outsiders.

As per the University hostel rules & regulations under clause 10.24, damaging University /public property is illegal. Act of indiscipline and misconduct, and will be punished under Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act, 1984.

Ragging or teasing in any form is strictly prohibited in the University. The students are therefore, forbidden from indulging in such activities within the hostel premises. Ragging will invite very severe punishment including expulsion from the University. It is also punishable under law. No introductory meeting of the students is to be held in the hostels by the senior students.

The University Health Centre offers medical facilities round-the-clock to the students residing in the hostels. For the mobility of the students from Hostels to Departments, Library, Computer Centre, etc., bus facility is provided within the campus. Wifi connectivity is also provided to all the hostels to enable the students to have internet access.