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The Department of Sanskrit started functioning from the 7th August 1988 and it aims to train students who are oriented towards research and teaching in advanced areas of Vedanta, Nyaya, Yoga, Vyakarana, Literature and Literary Criticism as well as Indian knowledge systems both of contemporary Indian reality and contemporary western thought. Department is playing a vital role in research in Indian traditions of thought in the systems of Philosophy, linguistics, literary criticism. Sanskrit is offered as one of the languages for the 5 year Integrated students under MIL. Besides, it offers P.G. Diploma on Manuscriptology and Paleography, undertaking maintenance and preservation of heritage texts and manuscripts, imparting knowledge of scripts like Grantha. The objectives are sought to be achieved by training students and researchers through best practices in teaching, learning and evaluation process and through week-end Seminars, group discussions and use of ICT in teaching. General studies for competitive examination and coaching for NET/JRF are also provided.
About Head
I am working as professor and Head in the department of Sanskrit. I completed my academic career MA, M.Phil, Ph.D, from University of Pune. My interest to propagate our ancient knowledge system enshrined in Sanskrit language and literature. Along with Sanskrit syllabus, I offer Elective inter-disciplinary courses with interface between Sanskrit and Stress management & Yoga, ancient Scientific discovery, social sciences, Dharmashastra, Literary criticism.
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The Department has good infrastructural facilities including interactive class rooms, LCD and other teaching aids to assist teachers and students in their pursuit of academic excellence. The department has a small departmental library as well as school library. There is a large collection of books in Sanskrit in the main library of Pondicherry University. The aesthetically laid out and fully furnished Seminar Hall of the School of Humanities provides the venue for lectures and seminars regularly. There is a research scholars’ room with computers, broadband connection and Wi-Fi facility.

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