DDE - DEB2021

Sr. NoSubmission of DetailsObservationProgramme
1University under 2F and section 3Yes (2f) 
2.NAAC Score (3.01 and above) for Dual mode universities; if applicable
• Valid NAAC Certificate
• Valid as on 31st October, 2020
• Valid proof of extension (if applicable)


NIRF Ranking in University Category for Dual mode universities; if applicable
• Correct ranking given
• Valid documentary proof given

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3.Affidavit submitted is
• Original
• In the prescribed format
• Duly notarized
• Duly signed
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4.Approval of Statutory bodies of the HEI for offering programmes in ODL mode as per the HEIs Act/Statues submittedClick here 
5.Territorial Jurisdiction as per UGC (ODL Programmes and Online Programmes) Regulations, 2020
• Copy of relevant page of Act submitted
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6.A copy of the application is displayed on HEI websiteClick here 
7.Built up area is adequateClick here 

 Full time Director for Centre of Distance and Online Education (for Dual Mode University only)- Appointment letter/order submitted

 Adequate no. full time dedicated faculty for ODL programmes (2/programme for Dual university and 3/programme for Open university) Note: While clubbing a masters and bachelors programme, min 3 for dual mode university & min 5 for Open university

 Adequate no. of administrative (non-teaching) staff


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Copies of all PPRs & approval of statutory bodies provided:

 Copies of PPRs submitted for all the proposed programmes

 Approval of statutory bodies for all PPRs submitted

1.     B.B.A.

2.     B. Com

3.     B.A. -History

4.     B.A. -Economics

5.     Bachelor of Arts (Sociology)

6.     Bachelor of Arts (English)

7.     Bachelor of Arts (political Science)

8.     Bachelor of Arts (Journalism & Mass Communication)

9.     Master of Arts (Hindi)

10.  Master of Arts (English)

11.  Master of Arts (Sociology)

12.  Master of Commerce (Finance)

13.  Master of Business Administration (Marketing)

14.  Master of Business Administration (Finance)

15.  Master of Business Administration (International Business)

16.  Master of Business Administration (HRM)

17.  Master of Business Administration (General)

18.  Master of Business Administration (Hospital Management)

19.  Master of Business Administration (Tourism)

20.  Master of Business Administration (Operations and Supply Chain Management )

10.Copy of approval of statutory bodies for SLMs of all the proposed programmesClick here 
11.Approval of regulatory bodies submitted for all such programmesClick here 


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