General Guidelines for Obtaining Affiliation



Government or a Society registered under the Societies ‘Registration Act 1860(21 of 1860) or a Trust with Trustees being appointed and vested with legal powers and duties and create a non-transferable Endowment Fund in the name of the Society or Trust as the case may be.

Should have obtained NOC from the respective State Government

Statutory body approval

Approval of respective statutory bodies like AICTE, MCI, NCTE should have been obtained. (ii) Wherever special status like ‘Minorities’ etc is claimed approval of the respective statutory body like “Minorities Commission” should have been obtained

Endowment Creation

The University may fix the quantum of endowment keeping in view the adequacy of the financial position of the college after taking into account the Government grant. The endowment should be created accordingly.

Own Land

The Society / Trust should own adequate land exclusively for the college. Documentary proof for ownership of lands exclusively earmarked for the college and Legal opinion from the Government pleader on the ownership of land and extent of coverage should be produced.

Financial Stability

Documents showing the financial viability of the college (details of budgeted revenue and expenses statement) should be produced

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