Procedure to be followed by Institution /Trust/ Society etc. for starting new courses for which there is no existing syllabus and new syllabus has to be framed

The Institution/Trust/Society who propose to start new courses for which there is no existing syllabus in the University, are required to submit an expression of interest alongwith feasibility study report (as per attached proforma) before embarking on the formal procedure of affiliation. The last date for submission of expression of interest (with feasibility report) is 15 th January. The requisite processing fee of Rs.2.00 lakhs per course should also be submitted alongwith the expression of interest.

List of Approved Courses

The expression of interest and feasibility study will be then processed by the University and the decision of the University will be communicated to the institution/trust by 31 st August of the same year. Only after a positive communication has been received from the University, the institution would be eligible to apply for affiliation by 1 st October in the prescribed proforma alongwith requisite documents to consider for affiliation for starting the course from the next academic year.

Feasibility Study Proforma (Click Here)

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