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A Central University under Ministry of Education, Govt. of India.


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It’s diverse here. We know it, We welcome it, and We thrive on it.

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Awards & Achievements

Awards & Achievements

Students Testimonial!

"It is such a wonderful and top university in India. Students across India and foreign nations accompany me when I was studying. Besides curriculum, I learned three additional languages just be interacting with other state students. Two year of my PG course went just like a dream. Sports day Celebrations, Cultural Events at Thiruvalluvar Stadium, Silver Jubilee Campus, Hostel Day Celebration many other fun part makes every alumni wants to visit at least once in a year."
M. Sc.
"I did M. Sc. and Ph.D. in the University and now moved to NUS. A world class education and experience that I have gained in the University is such a valuable wealth to my life. Computational & Wetlab facility for Biological research was quite awesome. Life in the University campus for a student is like living in a real heaven. Green Campus, friendly faculty, staffs and students from across the country makes one to feel so comfortable."
Kannan M
Ph. D
"I am from the North-Eastern part of India (Assam). The friendly behavior of hostel staff of girls' hostel was a comfortable start. Changing my field of study from Biotechnology to Bioinformatics was a big step but the course structure of the program made it a lot easier to adapt to. With both experimental and computational facilities in Centre for Bioinformatics, Pondicherry University, it provides a promising opportunity for study and research"
M. Sc.