Dr. Sanjay Sharma

Research Area

Dr. Sanjay Sharma has ten years of teaching and research experience. Recently, he has completed a major project awarded by the ICSSR, Delhi on the role of ‘Panchayati raj in disaster management in Uttarakhand’. He constructively applied knowledge gained out of research and teaching and published several research papers in journals of national and international repute on diverse public policy areas of political ecology like disaster mitigation, environmental authorities in India and India’s strategy and guiding principles for climate change.

  • Associate Professor


Research Guidance
0 years
Teaching Experience

Notable Publications

Disaster Mitigation in India: A Financial Viewpoint. Emerging Economy Studies, Vol 7, Issue 1, 7-22, Sage Publication, 2021.

Environmental Regulatory Authorities in India: An Analysis. Indian Journal of Public Administration, 64(3), 1-18, Delhi, Sage Publication, 2018.

Deconstructing India’s Policy on Climate Change from the Vantage Point of COP-24 Katowice- Poland 2018. International Journal of South Asian Studies, Vol.12, No.1, pp.21-28

Disaster Management in India and Differently Abled in a web exclusive of Yojana,2016

Federal Governance and Disaster Management in Canada: A Critical Analysis of Federal and Provincial Acts, Policies and Disaster Financing. Songdo Journal of Social Science, Vol. 7, South Korea,5-32, 2015

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