Dr. E. Sreekala

Research Area

I am a Humboldtian working on the area of Primary and Secondary effects of Social Background Inequalities in Accessing Higher Education in India and possess strong collaborative links with Freie University, Berlin. I am a teacher Educator trained in Regional Institute of Education (NCERT) Mysore. I usually handle Sociology of Education at M.Ed level teaching since I possess first-hand research experience. My teaching methodology is mostly field based and blended using the advantages of both technology and face to face teaching. I network closely with colleagues of this University and actively participate in the vibrant cooperative life of Pondicherry university.

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Research Guidance
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Teaching Experience

Notable Publications

Sreekala, E., Firsad, S. (2016). Determinants of Educational Continuation Decisions of Higher Secondary School Students in India: An Application of Theory of Planned Behavior. Journal of Educational Psychology, Vol. 9 l No. 3 l, 22-33.

Sreekala, E., Maria, JA. (2017). Improving Student Teachers' Perceptions on Technology Integration Using A Blended Learning Programme. Journal on school educational Technology, Vol. 13(2). 201731. 31-41.

Marie, M.J.A., Sreekala, E. (2015). Relevance of Item Analysis in Standardizing an Achievement Test in Teaching of Physical Science in B.Ed Syllabus. I Manager Journal of Educational Psychology, 35-46.

Desdemona, C. M., Sreekala, E. (2015). Is there a Logical Association between Educational Status and Financial Literacy? Business Review. Vol9.No1. ISSN 0973-9076.

Sreekala, E. (2018). Relative Contributions of Planned Behaviour and Social Capital on Educational Continuation Decisions of Disadvantaged Students, Journal of Educational Psychology, vol.11(2), 0973-8827.32-42.

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