Dr. C. Jaya Sankar Babu

Assistant Professor

Department of Hindi

Research Area

C. Jaya Sankar Babu has served in mainstream media and conducted research in journalism. He is the Founder Editor of ‘Yug Manas’ Literary Journal, Chief Editor of ‘Antar Bharati’ monthly and editorial board member of few research journals. He initiated Digital Literacy Mission for computing in Indian Languages, organized workshops and imparted skills to many. He served in the jury of National Level Awards of Government of India. He is implementing SPARC project on ‘The History of Hindi: from Apabhramsa to early modern vernacular’ in collaboration with Prof. Eva De Clercq, Ghent University, Belgium. He has developed e-content and MOOCs.


Research Guidance

0 Years

Teaching Experience





Notable Publications

C. Jaya Sankar Babu (2009), ‘Dakshin Bharat mein Laghukatha Parampara’ , Bhasha, Vol. 48 Issue- 6 , July-August, 2009, PP.- 93-108.

C. Jaya Sankar Babu (2012), ‘Krantidarshi Kavi Sri Sri’, Bhasha, Vol.-51, Issue -244, March-April, 2012, PP.-57-72.

C. Jaya Sankar Babu (2016), ‘Mere Desh Kee Hindi Sanstha : Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha’, Vishwa Hindi Patrika, 2016, PP.-178-183.

C. Jaya Sankar Babu (2017), ‘Pandit Deendayal ji kee Vaicharik Karnti-darshita', Bhasha, Vol.5, Issue-273, September –October, 2017, PP.-112-117.

C. Jaya Sankar Babu (2018), ‘ICT Adharit Hindi Bhashayee Adhigam aur Sikshan ke Pariprekshya’, Vishwa Hindi Patrika, 2018, PP.-51-57.

Awards & Achievements​

Best Research Paper Award (1996) by Nagari Lipi Parishad, New Delhi.
Best Teacher Award (Twice 2013-14 and 2014 -15) by Pondicherry University
Best International Research Essay Award of World Hindi Secretariat, Mauritius (US$300 and citation)

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