Dr. S. Balaji

Assistant Professor
DegreeSpecializationUniversity / InstitutionYear of Completion
1Ph.D.Earth scienceBharathidasan University1995
2M.Sc.GeologyMadras University1988
3B.Sc.GeologyBharathidasan University1985
Total Experience: 
Area of Specialization/Interest: 
  • Active Tectonics
  • Geophysics
  • Ground Water
Publications (in last 3 years): 
  1. (2013).A.Akilan, S.Balaji and Y.Srinivas. “Are the tectonic blocks around the Wharton basin dispersed during an earthquake? – GPS-Geodesy answers. CSIR Jour.Marine Sciences, (in press, I.F 0.5).
  2. (2013). A.Akilan, S.Balaji,Y.Srinivas and N.Yuvaraj.   Plate motion predictability Using  Hurst exponentapplied to the Maitri-Antarctica GPS network. Springer-Verlag Journal Geological Society of India (in press, I.F O.9).
  3. (2013).A.Akilan, S.Balaji and R.Neelakantan. Crustal deformation around East Antartica and Southern Ocean using GPS-Geodesy. Jour. Current Development in Oceanography, Vol.6(1), pp.41-59.
  4. (2013) Balakrishna, Balaji S., Maury S., Narshimulu G. Ground Water Potential inFractured Aquifers of Ophiolite Formations, Port Blair, South Andaman Islandusing Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) And Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES). Springer-Verlag, Journal of the Geological Society of India (in press, I.F 0.8).
  5. (2013). Maury S and Balaji, S. Geoelectrical method in delineation of ground water aquifers in Ophiolite and Flysch formations of Andaman Islands, India for the sustainable ground water development and management.International.J.Environmental Earth Sciences, Springer ISSN 1866-6280 Environ Earth Sci DOI 10.1007/s12665-013-2423-y, I.F 1.8.
  6. (2013). S. Balaji, K.Ramam, Shrikant Maury, Balakrishna and Vazeem Iqbal. Delineating fractures of Ground water potential in Precambrian terrain of Kerala state, India using Integrated satellite, magnetic, electromagnetic and electrical methods. International.J.Environmental Earth Sciences, (in press).
  7. (2013). S. Balaji, Shrikant Maury, Balakrishna, Vazeem Iqbal and Sujata Roy. Post-tsunami impact of tectonic subsidence and erosion-accretion in east coast of South Andaman – A Ground Penetrating Radar and Remote Sensing study. Jour. Coastal Environment, Vol.3(2),173-183.
  8. (2013).Maury S., Balaji S.  Probabilistic Risk Assessment: A Study of South Andaman Island, India Ed. (NIDM), Environmental knowledge of Disaster Risk Management, 2013. Cambridge Pub. New Delhi, pp. 81-90.
  9. (2012). S. Balaji, Sreelatha and Bindu. Fresh and saline water interface studies between Kappil and Chakkai coasts, Kerala state using Hydrochemical and Geophysical methods. Journal of Applied Chemistry, March 2012, pp.11-18.
  10. (2012).A.Akilan, S. Balaji, E.C.Malaimani, N.Ravikumar and K.Abilash. Current scenario of crustal deformation and strain distribution around the equatorial Indian Ocean region using GPS-Geodesy. Jour.Ind.Geophysical.Union. Vol.16(1), pp.21-28.
  11. (2011).A.Akilan, S. Balaji, E.C.Malaimani, N.Ravikumar and K.Abilash. Current plate motion of Lakshadweep Islands from short term GPS measurements using Global Network Solution. International J. Current Development in Oceanography, Vol.3 (2), pp.99-115.
  12. (2010).S.Balaji, A palaeostress analysis of Precambrian granulite terrain of Northern Tamil Nadu, Peninsular India – A Remote Sensing study. International Asian Journal of Geomatics: Vol.10 (4), 23-30.
  13. (2010). S. Balaji,K.Ramam, R.Jeganathan and R.Neelakantan. Demarcation of fresh/saline water interface in Kavaratti island of Union Territory of Lakshadweep group of  islands, India using Electrical and Electromagnetic methods. International J. Earth Science & Engineering, Vol.3 (1), pp.62-72.
  14. (2010).S. Balaji, Geophysical logging in the coastal aquifer of Kavaratti island, India for ground Water development and management. International J. Current Development in Oceanography. Vol.1 (1), pp. 1-15.
  15. (2010). S. Balaji. Geophysical survey and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing in mineral exploration – A recent trends. Proc. One day colloquium on “The Modern Trends in Mineral Exploration & Survey, 6 March’2010, Chennai, 47-50.
  16. (2009). S.Balaji, K.Ramam, R.Neelakantan and D.Ramesh, Hydropotential of Bhavani shear of Attapady structural valley, Palghat district, Kerala state using integrated geophysical and Remote Sensing techniques. Proceedings of EARTH 2009(11-15, Feb’09): (in press).
  17. (2006).S.Balaji, and B.Venkateswarlu. Demarcation of fresh water aquifers in coastal areas of Trichur district, Kerala using geophysical logging. Proceedings on International conference on Hydrology and Watershed Management (5-8, Dec’2006), Hyderabad, Vol.II, pp. 1438-1444.
  18. (2005). S.Balaji and SM.Ramasamy, Remote sensing and resistivity image for the tectonic analysis of Biligirirangan region of Peninsular India. Journal of Geocarto International, Hong Kong, Vol. 20 (2), pp. 55-61.


  • (2010). S.Balaji. Earthquakes and Global climate change, Daily Telegram, March 21.
Seminars/Conferences/Workshops Participated(Last 3 Years): 

Ongoing Doctoral Research

Spatial Modelling of Ground Water Potential zone in parts of South Andaman Island, India – An Integrated approach of  Remote Sensing and Geophysical techniques
Active tectonics of South Andaman Islands – An Integrated Geophysical and Remote Sensing approach
Integrated Coastal Zone Management of Andaman Islands using Geophysical, Remote Sensing and GIS methods
Crustal deformation studies using Geodetic-GPS  in and around Andaman & Nicobar islands
Palaeoseismicity  and Tectonic implications of Andaman Islands
Geo-environmental problems and Management  of Andaman Islands


Ongoing Major Research Projects – 01

  • An UGC Major project titled “Fractured Aquifer Modelling of South Andaman Island through Ground Penetrating Radar and Electrical Resistivity Imaging” has been sanctioned amounting to 10.78 lakhs.
Honours / Awards (if any): 
  • Awarded “Best Teacher” in 2013 by the Pondicherry University
    Based on the Students evaluation and research
  • Awarded “William Greenwood Memorial International Scholarship in 1994 by the
    Association of Geoscientists for International Development, Brazil.
  • Awarded National Scholarship by the Government of India from 1978-1981
Projects Undertaken: 

Ongoing Major Research Projects – 01

  • An UGC Major project titled “Fractured Aquifer Modelling of South Andaman Island through Ground Penetrating Radar and Electrical Resistivity Imaging” has been sanctioned amounting to 10.78 lakhs.
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drbalaji64@gmail.com, sbalaji.omb@pondiuni.edu.in