Dr. Nalini J. Thampi

Department of French
DegreeSpecializationUniversity / InstitutionYear of Completion
1Ph.D.FrenchEFLU, Hyderabad1991
2M.Litt. FrenchCIEFL, Hyderabad1983
3M.A. FrenchUniversity of Madras1980
4B.A. FrenchUniversity of Madras1978
5B.E.P.C.FrenchAcadémie de Rennes, France1974
Total Experience: 
more than 36 years of teaching
Area of Specialization/Interest: 

French & Francophone literatures, Comparative Literature & Women's Writing.

Publications (in last 3 years): 
  • À La Confluence de Deux Cultures : “God's Mischief” de Maniyambath Mukundan, in 
    Synergies Indenoo  7 / 2016, Coordonné par Vidya Venkatesan et Claude Arpi, Édité par Gerflint, France,
    ISSN 1951-6436.

  • The Self and The Other in Francophone Literatures, in Language, Literature 
    : Newer Perspectives
    , Edited by Rahul D. R. and S. Sam Surya, Bodhivanam, Chennai,
    February 2016, ISBN 978-93-80690-35-5-3.

  • Au Nom de L'Honneur : Le Défi de Mukhtar Mai, in Marginalisation et Résistance
    : Repenser La Femme
    , Edited by Nalini J. Thampi, Langers International Pvt. Ltd.,
    New Delhi, March 2016, ISBN 978-93-85478-43-7.

  • Helped  in  the  compilation  of  “Dictionnaire  Français – Hindi”,  a  French  to  Hindi Dictionary
      by  S. Sadasivan,  published  by  Orient  Blackswan,  September  2009,  New Delhi.

  • Edited Proceedings of the International Conference on Children’s Literature,
    published in March 2013.  Paper in the same collection, Une Aventure Démystifiante
    à travers Les Contes

  • French Translation, Au Clair de La Lune, of a Malayalam Short Story,
    , by Lalithambika Antherjanam, in Shakti, an Anthology edited by
    N. Kamala & Claire Barthez, Goyal Publishers, April 2013.

Lectures delivered in India / Abroad

  • On  December  13th  2012, as a Member of the Doctoral Jury, conducted the
    Ph.D. Viva  of  a French  Candidate   at  the  Université  Stendhal  of  Grenoble 
    3  in  France.

  • Examiner for M. Phil. & Ph.D. in JNU, Delhi University, Bangalore University, EFLU,
    and CUSAT. 

  •  Nodal Officer to issue the Form S to all the foreign students or Faculty visiting
    Pondicherry University.

  • She also coordinates the Study  India  Programme, and from 2009, the exchanges between the Pondicherry University and the Université  Lumière de  Lyon  2,  as  well  as the Université  Michel  de Montaigne  de  Bordeaux  3,  the  Université  de  Panthéon -- Sorbonne, Liège University, Ontario Universities, Zurich University, and the French Institute in Puducherry. She has been instrumental in getting the M.O.U.s signed with these foreign Universities and Institute, and meticulously monitors the foreign students' academic pursuit in Pondicherry University.

Conference  Papers

Paper presented National and International Conferences / Workshops

  • Pondichéry  :  Identité, Altérité, Réalité, at the XXXth  International  Conference  by  the  Conseil  International  d’Études  Francophones, 
    at  Saly-Portudal (Senegal) from 23.05.2016 to 29.05.2016. 

S. No Type of Activity Average Hrs/ week
  (i)  Extension , Co-curricular & field based activities  
1. Lecture  on   « Spécificités  Linguistiques  dans  L’Espace  Francophone », Academic  Staff  College, New  Delhi. 3  hrs  on  13 / 1 / 2012 
  • Organised  a  Two-Day  National  Seminar  on    “Multimedia  and  The  Teaching  of  French”,  27th  &  28th  2012.
  • Organised  a  Three-Day  International  Conference  on  “Children’s  Literature : Truth  &  Fiction” March 21st to 23rd 2012.
S. No Title of the Paper Presented Title of  Conference / Seminar Organised by Whether International / National / State / Regional / College or University Level
1. Multimédia  et  L’Enseignement  du  français  --  Aspects  Ludiques  et  Visuels National  Seminar  on  « Multimédia  et  L’Enseignement  du  français » Dept.  of   French,  Pondicherry  University National
2. Une  Aventure  Démystifiante  à  travers  Les  Contes International  Conference  on  « Littérature  de  Jeunesse : Réel  et  Imaginaire » Dept.  of   French,  Pondicherry  University International


S. No Title of the Paper Presented Title of  Conference / Seminar Place Date
1. Le français  à  Pondichéry 3rd International Conference of FIPF (Fédération Internationale des Professeurs de français)  Chennai 14th to  16th  February  2013
2. Chaired  a Technical  Session  3rd International Conference of FIPF (Fédération Internationale des Professeurs de français) Chennai 14th to  16th February  2013
3. Perspective Transculturelle du Féminisme : Parole  de  Femme  de  Marie-Thérèse Humbert et Lalithambika Antharjanam XXVIIth  International  Conference  of  the  CIÉF  Mauritius June  9th  to  16th  2013

4.  Attended  National  Seminar  on  “French  and  Francophone  Studies  in  The  Indian  Context”  at  Pondicherry  University, March  6th  &  7th  2013.

Seminars/Conferences/Workshops Conducted(Last 3 Years): 
  • “Marginalisation and Résistance : Rethinking The   Woman” from 8thto 10th March 2016 (under SAP  DRS – II), and Francophony Week from 20th to 27th March 2017 which highlighted the cultural, literary, linguistic and cinematic specificity of the Francophone world.

  • Chaired  a Technical  Session at 30th International Conference of the CIÉF  at  Saly-Portudal (Senegal) from 23.05.2016 to 29.05.2016.

Year Programme Sponsor Position held
*14 to15/3/2009 National Seminar on “The Quebecer Quest for Identity” Indian Association of Quebec Studies & Dept. of French, Pondicherry University Organiser
*7 / 11 / 2009 French Essay Competition for Women Students in Puducherry Soroptimist International, France Organiser
*20 to 22/1/ 2010 International Conference on “The Indian Diaspora in La Réunion” The University of La Réunion & Pondicherry University Organiser
Seminars/Conferences/Workshops Participated(Last 3 Years): 
Year Organised Level of Participation Title of Programme (International/National/Institution)
*17 to
18 / 3 / 2008
Dept. of French, Pondicherry University Paper presented on “Le Moi Maghrébin et La Langue de L’Autre : Azouz Begag et Soraya Nini” National Seminar on “The Latest Trends in French Studies”
*19 / 3 / 2008 Loyola College, Chennai Paper presented on “The Self and The Other in Francophone Literatures” Prof.Kandassamy Endowment Lecture
*27 / 3 / 2008 Kanchi Mamunivar Centre for Post-Graduate Studies, Puducherry Paper presented on “Francophonie et L’Interculturel” Francophony Week Celebration
*4 / 11 / 2008 Academic Staff College, Pondicherry University Lectured on “Francophony -- A Transnational Space” and “French Words Used in Common English Usage” Refresher Course for Research Scholars
*12 / 12 / 2008 All India Radio, Puducherry Gave Talk on “The Historical and Cultural Heritage in Puducherry” AIR
*January 2009 Pudhuvai Vani, Pondicherry University Gave Talk on “The Relationship of Genders in Marie-Thérèse Humbert” and “Jean-Marie Le Clézio and Francophone Recognition” FM, Pondicherry University
*21 / 2 / 2009 Dept. of French, Pondicherry University Presented an overview of Pondicherry University’s M.O.U.s with French Universities “Campus France” organized by the Embassy of France in India
*15 / 3 / 2009 Indian Association of Quebec Studies & Dept. of French, Pondicherry University Paper presented on “Solitude et Instinct Grégaire dans L’Ecriture Migrante” National Seminar on “The Quebecer Quest for Identity”
*18 / 3 / 2009 Kanchi Mamunivar
Centre for Post-Graduate Studies, Puducherry
Paper presented on “The Importance of French in
Higher Education in Puducherry”
UGC Sponsored National Symposium on “From Autonomy
towards Excellence”
*27 / 3 / 2009 Indian Association for Quebec Studies & Bharathidasan Government College for Women, Puducherry Paper presented on “La Québécoite en Mal d’Identité” UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “Quebec Studies”
Honours / Awards (if any): 
  • Member of the Jury  for the Franco-Indian Literary Prize,  Gitanjali,  which was  launched on December 1st 2012,  and  part  of  its  organizing  committee  for  its  celebrations  from  December  1st  to  7th  2012.
  • Member  of  the  Board  of  Studies  in  Languages,  Cochin  University  of  Science and  Technology,  University  of  Madras,  and  Avinashilingam  University.
  • Academic Council (March 2016 to 29/9/2017) & Executive Council Member (from 29/9/2017).
  •  Chairperson,  Advisory  Committee,  Kendriya  Vidyalaya  2,  Pondicherry  University  Campus.
Other Commitments
  1. Nominated  in  March  2013  as  MemberFaculty  Grievances  Redressal  Committee, Pondicherry  University.
  2. Nominated  in  April  2013  for  assistance  concerning  online  registration  of  foreign  students  and  faculty  with  the  Regional  Registration  Office,  Puducherry.
  3. As  Dean,  Students’  Welfare,  from  December  1st   2012  till  September  2013,  facilitated  the  admission  process  in  July  2013,  conducted  many  programmes  such  as  the  Kalapet  coastal  clean-up  in  September  2013,  and  was the  caretaker  of  the  NCC  Unit  in  the  University.
  4. Organised  the  Lectures  of  Prof. Jean-Marc  Defays,  Director  of  the  Institut  des Langues  Vivantes,  Université  de  Liège,  Belgium,  and  his  colleague,  Prof. Laurence Wéry,  at  the  Pondicherry  University  on  29th  October  2012.
  5. Was  part  of  the  organizing  committee  for   the  celebrations  of  the  Franco- Indian  Literary  Prize,  Gitanjali,  from  December  1st  to  7th  2012.
    Organised  the  round  table  literary  discussions  at  the  Pondicherry  University on  December  4th  and  6th  2012,  with  this  year’s  Francophone  winner,  Haitian  writer,  Lyonel  Trouillot,  and  nominee, Franco-Tunisian  writer  Cécile  Oumhani,  French  writers,  Fariba  Hachtroudi,  Hubert  Haddad,  Gil  Jouanard,  Richard  Rosset,  art  critic  Sophie  Chauveau,  and  the  famous  Mauritian  writer,  Ananda Devi.
  6. As  Cultural  Coordinator,  organised  several  Cultural  Programmes. From  September  1st  to  6th  2012,  our  University  students  participated  in  the SPANDAN  2012  Cultural  Competitions  conducted  by  JIPMER,  and  from  March  13th to  16th  2013,  in  the  PIMS  AURA  2013  Cultural  Festival.  Incidentally, this  is  the first  time  our  students  participated  in  so  many  competitions,  and  they  won  the First  Prize  in  Photography, in  Creative  Writing, in Solo  Singing  and  in  Dance, and  the Second  Prize  in Western Music.
    For  the  first  time,  our  University  students  won  the  Rolling  Shield  at  JIPMER for  the  Variety  Programme  they  presented  for  the  Hindi  Language  Celebrationsin  September  2012.  They  won  it  again  in  October  2013.
    A  Team  of  12  of  our  University  Students participated  in  the  15th  Global Female
    Folk  Dance  Competition  held  at  Shimla  from  September  29th  to  October  2nd  2012, and  this  Pondicherry  University  Team  won  a  Shield  of  Honour  and  Medals  at this  international  event.   
Projects Undertaken: 
Sl. No. Project Title Funding Agency Duration Grant Amount (INR)
From To
1. “Monique Wittig and Lalithambika Antherjanam - A Cross-Cultural Perspective of Feminism” (M.R.P.) Pondicherry University 6/4/1998 25/7/2003 Rs.10,500/-
2. SAP ( Deputy Coordinator ) UGC April 2009 Ongoing Rs.44.50 lakhs
Contact Details
Present Address: 
Dr. Nalini J. Thampi, Professor, Department of French, School of Humanities, Pondicherry University, Kalapet, PUDUCHERRY - 605014
Telephone No: