Building Committee



1 The Vice-Chancellor
Pondicherry University
Vice-Chancellor …………as Chairman
2 A Representative of the Planning Board of the University
Prof. Mohammed Abdul Kalam,
 Professor of Eminence
1-A. Samudra Dugar,
4th Sea Ward Road, Valmiki Nagar  Thiruvanmiyur,  Chennai 600 004  (represented from Planning Board).
3  A Representative of the User Department 1.Chief Warden of Boys Hostels
2. Chief Warden of Girls Hostels  
(User Department/s)          
4  Two Professors/Associate Professors of the University nominated by the Vice-Chancellor. 1. Dr. M.S. Pandian,
Professor & Head
Dept. of Earth Sciences,
Pondicherry University.
2. Dr. K. Rajan,
Dept. of History,
Pondicherry University.
5 The Finance Officer of the University Finance Officer (i/c),
Pondicherry University.
6 The Principal of Engineering College of the University or Head of Civil Engineering Department (where it exists), otherwise a person of equal status from a neighbouring University / College. The Head of Department,
Dept. of Civil Engineering,
Pondicherry Engineering College.
7 The Chief Engineer (Civil) of CPWD or State PWD or his representative not below the rank of Superintending Engineer. The Chief Engineer (SZ)I,
CPWD, Rajaji Bhavan, Besant Nagar,
Chennai 600 090.
8 A Retired Chief Engineer/Superintending Engineer (Civil) of CPWD/State PWD/Public Sector Undertaking. Er. M. Thangamuthu,
ADG (Retd.), CPWD,No.15-B, CGE Colony, Kuppam Beach Road, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai 600 041.
9 The Superintending / Executive Engineer (Electrical) of CPWD or State PWD The Superintending Engineer (Elect.),  

CPWD, Shastri Bhavan, Chennai 600 006.

10  The Superintending /Executive Engineer (Public Health) of CPWD or State PWD The Executive Engineer (Public Health), PWD, Govt. of Puducherry, Puducherry.
11 The University Engineer The Executive Engineer,
  Pondicherry University.
12 A Senior Most Architect of the University (where it exists), otherwise a Chief Architect or Person of equal status from a neighbouring/College. The Dean of Architectural Studies,
Anna University,
Guindy, Chennai 600 025.
13 The Chief Architect/Deputy Chief Architect or a person of equivalent status from a Central or State Department. The Chief Architect(SZ)I,
CPWD, Rajaji Bhavan, Chennai 600 090.
14 A Senior Most Landscaping Expert of the University (where it exists), otherwise from some neighbouring Institution/Government/Department/Public Sector Undertaking or to be hired as a Consultant by the University for a limited period. The Director,
KVK, Kurumbapet
Puducherry 605 009.
15 The Registrar of the University Dr. B. Chithra
Registrar (i/c)  ……… as Member Secretary