The women’s cell of the Pondicherry University is a counseling cum redressal centre for the women members of the campus who report grievances related to gender bias and discrimination

To provide information regarding support services in the campus.

To advise complainants of the informal and formal means of resolution of grievances as specified by the cell.

To ensure the fair and timely resolution of grievances

To promote awareness about sexual harassment through educational initiatives that encourages and fosters a respectful work and learning environment.

The cell is committed to achieve these objectives through:

1. Dissemination of information:

The cell disseminates information on what are the protective and welfare measures available for women especially at the institutional level, what constitutes sexual harassment at the workplace and how to deal with it mainly through its web portal and also through the distribution of printed materials and handouts.

2. Consciousness-raising workshops:

The cell proposes to conduct effective orientation and sensitization programmes for faculty, non-teaching staff and students. The aim is to develop a congenial atmosphere of mutual learning.

3. Counseling:

Confidential counseling service is important as it provides a safe space to speak about issues and incidents and how they have affected them.

4. Awareness through extra-curricular activities:

The cell conducts activities like debating competition, essay competition, poster competition, etc. inorder to raise awareness.

5. Guest/extension lectures:

Lectures of eminent personalities from NGOs, civil authorities, academicians and experts working in the area will be arranged from time to time.