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Pondicherry University launched this program in the year 2000 to cater for the needs of foreign students. Over the years, the University has received several undergraduate students from the U.S.A. and other countries like France, Germany and Norway for semester programs under the Study India Program (SIP).  At present the SIP offers both semester programs & short term programs based on the requirements of the foreign universities.

The University through the Study India Program (SIP) permits students from abroad to study a semester/ two semesters of various courses available in the University on credit transfer basis. The student desirous to visit the university under the program must take an application at least three months in advance. From 2013, SIP has initiated short term study programs of 2/4/6 weeks. The students are counseled through e-mails prior to their arrival here and contents of the courses are made available to the students and their respective advisors for determination of suitability and credit equivalence. Credits earned by them are transferred to their respective Institutions within a month of the close of the semester. In addition to academic programs, the students are allowed to experience the rich culture of India. Appropriate counseling is given to the students to make their stay comfortable and experience enriching. Apart from the wide range of courses offered by the University Departments, SIP devises need-based short-term courses if/as demanded by the guest University. 

University website or send an email to /

Application Fee

The application fee for NRI and Overseas student is US $100 (i.e Rs. 7100 in equivalent Indian currency).This shall be paid online.

Information Brochure (PDF)

Application Form (PDF)


 Admission of self-supporting foreign students who desire to study in the University may apply online to the University for admission in the prescribed form for various courses. For all details regarding admission visit The foreign students are required to appear for the written test and/or viva-voce in case they are already here in India at the time of the written examination. However, if they are abroad at the time of applying for admission they will be be exempted from written test and viva-voce examination, if any. Those who have passed University degrees outside India should enclose with their application form, copies of the relevant certificates and mark sheets together with the English version of such documents duly attested, if they are in a different language. No foreign student will be admitted WITHOUT A STUDENT VISA. Proficiency in English is a condition for admission.

Admission to Ph.D Programme

 For admission to Ph.D. programmes the applicant should submit their application to the University with the details of proposed research. This Admission is subject to the recommendations of the Admission Committee of the concerned Department and availability of Supervisors in the proposed area of research in the Department. Also the admission to the Ph.D. programme needs a valid Research Visa. Candidates admitted under MoU between Pondicherry University and a University/ Institution in India or abroad where specific clause(s) exist for registration of candidates to Ph.D degree by the university and those selected under international cultural/ educational exchange schemes of Government of India/ UN bodies are exempted from taking the admission test. Non-resident Indians and foreigners residing/ working abroad, and working in academics/ research/ industry at least for ten years after obtaining Master's degree, are also exempted from entrance test but they shall give a seminar before the Admission Committee which shall evaluate and give its opinion about suitability of the candidate for admission to the Ph.D. Part time (external) program. NRI and foreign candidates with enormous professional experiences and having proven aptitude for the research exhibited through publications will only be considered by the Admission Committee under this clause. Their publications will be evaluated by the Department Committee before called for giving a seminar in persons/through Video Conferencing. The NRI and foreign candidates who apply for Ph.D. (Full-time) programme and fulfill the required eligibility criteria for Ph.D. (Full-time) are also exempted from entrance test, but they shall give a seminar before the Admission Committee.



•Teaching by nationally and internationally acclaimed faculty, many of whom with teaching and research experience abroad

•Flexible Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) that offers varied choices.

•  A well-equipped computer facility, 24x7 Internet access through campus-wide Wi-Fi and a state of the art Library  

• Multi-Cultural ambience with the scope to interact with students from all over India and abroad.

•Pollution-free picturesque campus of 800 acres with boarding and food facilities

•A very supportive student- friendly SIP office.


The program is aimed at overseas students who have proficiency in English and meet the pre-requisites of the course. The following can approach SIP office:

Universities and their International Studies Divisions or Study Abroad Programs.

Heads of Academic Programs, Heads/ Director/ Chairperson of various departments.

Institutions with South Asia/Area Studies Programs.

Higher education institutes or councils of International Education.

Individual students-on a selective basis.


 The Semester Program offers two semesters, Fall and Spring, in a year. The duration of the Fall semester is from 24th June to 30th November and the Spring semester from 1st December to 10th May. Students who wish to enrol in this program must fulfil the criteria of a period of 2 years of college or university and need to secure a minimum CGPA of 3.0. The application will be processed six months in advance. The closing date of application for Fall semester is on or before 1st December and for Spring is on or before 1st July. Students/International offices can finalize their courses based on the syllabi content provided via the university portal: by the different departments.

Counselling of the students is done through e-mails prior to their arrival here and contents of the courses are made available to the students and their respective advisors for determining suitability and credit equivalence. Under this program, the students can earn up to 15 credits, transferable to the students’ home Universities. On completion of the semester successfully, the credits are transferred to their respective institutions a month after the end of the semester.

The academic program of SIP students is taken care of under three different categories i) regular ii) special  and iii) independent.


Regular course is where the SIP students will be a part of the regular classes including integrated program classes with Pondicherry University students. Examinations on par with regular students would be undertaken. However, evaluation would be made on the basis of SIP criteria


Special courses are offered by individual faculty members to suit the requirements of foreign students. These courses are generally 3 credit courses and function basically on the mutual consent of the international student, the faculty and the SIP office. There needs to be an enrolment of at least 3 or more students for any special course to function.

The following are a few examples of Special courses offered Studies in Post-Colonial LiteratureSpoken TamilIdea of India in Literature
Classical Indian Philosophy,Hinduism & its Practices,Practical Classical Yoga Training.


International students who wish to take up a specialized project/intensive study in a certain field/ a short term research area can pursue an independent course under the ambit of SIP.


The Short term Program is designed for 2 weeks / 4 weeks / 6 weeks based on the host university requirements.  The short term program could be initiated on mutual consent with Pondicherry University and the Host University. The Short term programs need to be worked out a year ahead of the actual starting date/beginning of a semester. These programs are generally oriented towards liberal arts and could be a combination of lectures as well as field work.

Dr.Nalini J. Thampi, Professor

SIP- Coordinator

Pondicherry University

Contact No: 2654355

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