Dr. N. Parthasarathy

Research Area

Professor in the department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, engaging in teaching of ecology of terrestrial biome, forest botany, medicinal plant resources, functional ecology, and dynamics of tropical forests. Contributor to global biodiversity synthesis as a network of tree diversity and diversity and ecology of lianas through our three decadal biodiversity inventories in forests of Western and Eastern Ghats, Andamans and Coromandel coast of India. Current programs include large scale plant diversity inventories in Central Western Ghats and Kashmir Himalayas.

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Teaching Experience

Notable Publications

Dar, A.A. and Parthasarathy, N., 2023. Ecological drivers of soil carbon in Kashmir Himalayan forests: Application of machine learning combined with structural equation modelling. Journal of Environmental Management https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jenvman.2022.117147

Wilson, V.K., Ayyappan, N., and Parthasarathy, N. 2022. Decadal forest dynamics in logged and unlogged sites at Uppangala, Western Ghats, India. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 195, 66.

Babu, K.N., Harpal, B. and Parthasarathy, N. 2021. Changes in tree diversity and carbon stock over a decade in two Indian tropical dry evergreen forests. Geology, Ecology, and Landscapes 5(1):7–18.

Osuri, A.M., Machado, S., Ratnam, J., Sankaran, M., Ayyappan, N., Muthuramkumar, S., Parthasarathy, N., Pélissier, R., Ramesh, B.R., DeFries, R. and Naeem, S. 2020. Tree diversity and carbon storage cobenefits in tropical human‐dominated landscapes. Conservation Letters 13(2):p.e12699.

Muthumperumal, C. and Parthasarathy, N. 2010. A large-scale inventory of liana diversity in tropical forests of southern Eastern Ghats, India. Systematics and Biodiversity 8: 289–300.