The Constitution of India ensures the Right to Equality as a Fundamental Right that includes the right to equality before law, prohibition of discrimination and equality of opportunities in matters of public employment. Equality between men and women, right to work, to education and to public assistance in case of unemployment, old age, sickness and disablement and provision of just and humane conditions for work and maternity relief, are important Directive Principles of State Policy. The Women’s Cell of the Pondicherry University was established in March, 2012 to address the practical issues related to the welfare of and equal opportunities for Women faculty members, staff and students. It has a mandate to address primarily

* Special facilities and needs (of the Women faculty members, staff and students  of the Pondicherry university)

* Problems arising out of gender related discrimination.

  The Pondicherry University Women’s Cell has been also mandated to organize

* Awareness meetings and  seminars

* Outings to promote networking

The Pondicherry University Women’s cell collaborates with the Centre for Women’s Studies, its academic counterpart established in 1999 with the aim of the creation of a critical awareness and sensitivity towards women's issues in every field. The theoretical teaching and research in Women’s Studies as an academic discipline is strengthened by the Women’s Cell a practical functionary of the Pondicherry University to ensure the welfare of the community of women in the University campus.