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India ranks fifth in the world in terms of primary energy consumption, accounting for use of about 3.5% of the world commercial energy production.. Despite the overall increase in energy demand, per capita energy consumption in India is still very low, compared to developing countries. India is well-endowed with both exhaustible and renewable energy resources like sun, wind, ocean current, geothermal, nuclear and biomass. India’s energy needs are largely met by coal, oil, and natural gas. Despite increasing dependency on commercial fuels, a sizeable quantum of energy requirements (40% of total energy), especially in the rural household sector, is met by non-commercial energy sources, which include fuel wood, crop residue, and animal waste, including human and draught animal power. However, other forms of commercial energy of a much higher quality and efficiency are steadily replacing the traditional energy resources being consumed in the rural sector. Resource augmentation and growth in energy supply has not kept pace with increasing demand and, therefore, India continues to face serious energy shortages. Besides solar, wind and biomass, there are quite a few other eco-friendly and renewable sources from which one can tap energy for varied applications. Some of them are chemical sources of energy, hydrogen Energy, geothermal Energy, alternate fuels for surface transportation. Besides energy generation from non-conventional sources, there is a huge demand for research in energy storage and distribution. Efficient energy storage devises like batteries should be made of materials which are lighter, long lasting, rechargeable, durable, inexpensive and easy to make. Similarly distribution of energy from the point of production to the place of use should be efficient without loss and without causing harm to those who handle the devises. Developing Green Energy –production, storage and distribution is the only alternative to meet the challenges of our Future.

Thus, there is an urgent need to carryout in-depth studies and conduct research in Green Energy Science and Technology at higher education level utilizing the expertise available in India and abroad. It is under this context, the Madanjeet School of Green Energy Technologies has been established with two composite units, namely, Centre for Green Energy Technology and Centre for Nano Sciences and Technology.

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