Dr. Sujatha Vijayaraghavan

Department of English
DegreeSpecializationUniversity / InstitutionYear of Completion
1Ph.D.-Dept. of Humanities, IIT, Chennai1986
2M.Phil.-University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad1978-1980
3M.A.-University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad1976 -1978
4B.A.-St.Joseph‟s College Andhra University1976
Total Experience: 
31 Years
Area of Specialization/Interest: 

Translation Studies, Folklore Studies & Oral Literatures, Postcolonial Studies, Indian Writings in English

Publications (in last 3 years): 

Books: 7

  1. Envisioning Man - The Prose Works of Vivekananda, Tagore and Aurobindo. Chandigarh: Grafit India, June 2007.
  2. The Silent One. Long listed for the first Man Asian Literary Prize. New Delhi:  Penguin India, November 2009.
  3. Ten PandiCinkam by Kalaignar Mu.Karunanudhi.Translated into English. New Delhi: Macmillian, 2010.
  4. Hundred Tamil Folk and Tribal Tales- Revised and Enlarged Edition. Orient Blackswan Pvt Ltd. January, 2010.
  5. Sri Krishnakarnamrutam. A Tamil Transliteration of and Commentary on the 13th century Sanskrit text by Madapoosi   N.S.R. Kanakvalliammal. Edited with a Critical Introduction. Kanakavalli Granthamala Series -1, 2011.   
  6. In The Presence of the Divine: Narratives of Experience with MahāPeriyavāḷ. With Glossary and Appendices in Tamil and Sanskrit. Published by the Author for Kanchi Sri Mahāswamy Bhikshavandana Trust, Chennai, 2011.
  7. Ka.Na.Su Translated Sujatha Vijayaraghavan. 'Makers of Indian Literature' Series, New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi, First Edition 2016.

Journal Articles
International: 2

  • ‘Gendered Poetics and Poetics beyond Gender: A Case-Study of Sappho’s Love Lyrics and Vellivitiyar’sAkamPoems’.Chennai: Journal of Asian Studies, 2010.
  • ‘Narrative as Existence: A Reading of Vikram Chandra’s Red earth and Pouring Rain’. MAJELLAn International Peer-Reviewed Bi-annual Journal.Vo.l I, No 2, ,September 2009, pp55- 67. 

National : 4

  1. ‘Sri Kamasikaatakam of Vedanta Desika’ – a 13th century Sanskrit devotional text, with Tamil commentary by Maadpoosi N.S.R.Kanakvalliammal.” Edited. Desika    Darsan.Vol I: 2, Puduvai: Sri DesikaSabha, January 2009, pp12 - 4.
  2. ‘How the Kannadian Canal was Built Introducing a Folktale from Tirunelveli’.  Hampi:  Kannada University, Prasaranga, Journal of Karnataka Studies, 3-2 & 4-1, pp 211-  216. Dated May 2006- April 2007, released in January 2009.
  3. ‘Redefining the Karna Parampara  Katha via Intralingual Translation’. Translation today.  Vol. 4, No1&2, pp 113-133.  Dated 2007, released in January 2009.
  4. ‘The Challenges of Semantic Palimpsests to Hermeneutics of Translation’ Sangama, Vol 1.  Pp 35-41, released in 2012

Articles in Books: 4

  1. ‘The Ethnopoetics of Irular Ballads’. Co-Authored with A.Chellaperumal. In Voice and Memory : Indigenous Imagination and Expression. Eds. G. N. Devy, Geoffrey V. Davis, K. K. Chakravarty, Orient Blackswan, 2011,  pp 166-188.
  2. ‘Reading Shakespearean Marriages through Queer Theory’. In  Postmodern Essays  on Love, Sex and  Marriage in Shakespeare. Bhim Dahiya.(Ed.) New Delhi: Viva Books Pvt.Ltd., 2008, pp18 – 37.
  3. ‘New Paradigms of Desire in Indian Writings in English: Lesbian Perspectives and Assertions’. In N.Kalamani (Ed.). Sites – Insights: Essays in Indian Writing in English. New Delhi: Swarup& Sons, 2008.
  4. ‘Power, Politics and Kinship in the Discourses as Divinization off Women in Oral Literature: the Tale of Balamma’.  In Writing as Resistance ; Discourses on Dalit Literature. Eds. Marx .T & Sundara Babu  N, Vikas Adhyayan Kendra, 2012, pp 134-140.

Special Issue:

  • ‘Ulagavalamum Ulaga Mozhigalum’ in the special issue of the Tamil The Hindu, Pongal commemorative volume, January 2014.

For Directorate of Distance Education, Pondicherry University:

  • Literary Theory & Criticism
  • Translation Studies
  • British Drama

Text-books –On-Going

  • A Companion To Translation Studies
  • A Companion To Folklore Studies

Translations with notes and glossary

  • Ainkurunuru  -A CankamText. Central Institute for Classic Tamil, Chennai.
  • Ancient Love Poetry By Women.

Encyclopedia / Lexicon etc. 

  • One Volume for Enclyclopedia of Tamil Literature in English, Institute of Asian Studies, Chennai.

Books in Print - Forthcoming

  • Twenty Hymns of Sri Sankara, Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi.
Seminars/Conferences/Workshops Participated(Last 3 Years): 

Papers Presented in International Conferences

  • The Mahabharata in Tamil Folklore. At the international conference on Mahabharata: The Epic Tradition in India and South-east Asia, organized jointly by Pondicherry University, Ecole Francaise d’Extreme Oriennt and Universite Jean Moulin Lyons at Pondicherry University and Ecole Francaise from 10th  To 12th February, 2014.
  • The Ethnopoetics of Irula Ballads. Co-Authored with A.Chellaperumal. At the Chotro International Conference organized jointly by Bhasha Research and Publications Centre,Vadodara, India, in association with Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts National Manuscripts Mission of India, European Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies (EACLALS) and Indian Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies (IACLALS) at the Indira Gandhi Centre for Arts, New Delhi, January 2-5, 2008.

National Seminars: Papers presented & Plenary/Keynote Address:

  • Presented a paper entitled *Valluvar's concept of rain in the context of globalized culture: 'Ulagalaviya Panpattil mazhai ennum aramat the Three day National Seminar, jointly organized by Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiyar School of Tamil, Pondicherry University, Dept. of Political Science, Pondicherry University and Central Institute of Classical Tamil, Chennai at Pondicherry University Pondicherry, on 20th -22nd March 2014.
  • Plenary Talk entitled The Discursive Exclusion of Language in Bio-regional and Eco critical Considerations at the UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Bioregional and Eco critical Discourses: Nature and Narration on January 23-24, 2014, organised by the Post graduate and Research Department of English, Newman College, Thodupuzha, Kerala.
  • Keynote address entitled The Discourse of English and its Practice as Colonial Legacy and Post colonial Resistance at the one-day National Seminar on Post Colonial Perspectives of Language and Literature organized by the Dept. of English, Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore on 31st Jaunary 2014.
  • Invited paper  on Colonial Translations of Classical Tamil Literature: A Critique of Charles Gover’s Folk-Songs of Southern India on 23.02.2011at the National Seminar on Colonial Writings on Cankam Literature, jointly organized by Bharathidasan University and CIIL, Mysore & Central Institute of Classical Tamil, Chennai, from 21.02.2011 to 23.02.2011, at  the Dept. of English, Bharathidasan University.
  • Invited paper  on Inna Narpatu and Iniyavai Narpatu: A Holistic Definition of Human Rights at the National Seminar  organized by Department of  Politics and Inter-national Sciences, Pondicherry University in collaboration with Central Institute of Classic Tamil, Chennai, February,2010.
  • The Nation from Oratures to Print: Revisioning Ontologies at the Two day National Seminar on Nation and Translation, jointly organized by the Dept. of English, Pondicherry University and Central Institute of Indian Languages, at Pondicherry University from 27-.2.2008 to 29.2.2008.

Invited Talks

Delivered a lecture on the topic World without Writing at the Northeast and Southern Writers Meet organised by the Sahitya Akademi and held on 25 & 26 March 2017 at Thiruvananthapuram.

Delivered a lecture on August 20, 2015, at the Nehru Memorial Museum & Library, New Delhi as part of the Distinguished Public Lecture Series on ‘Regional History and Culture’.

Delivered 2 lectures at the Workshop on 'An Interpretation of Ettutokai in the Light of Recent Western Literary Theories with Comparative Perspective' jointly organised by Thanthai Hans Rover College, Perambalur-affiliated to Bharathidasan University,Tiruchirapalli and Central Institute of Classical Tamil on :

  • Akattinai: A Holistic Socio-Poetics - An Comparative overview of Women's Poetry from all over the World in the Ancient Times &*
  • Akattinai: A Critique of the 'Eco' Schools of Criticism.

Chaired Sessions

  • Chaired a session at the two day National Conference on Rereading Sri  Aurobindo, organized by the Department of English, Pondicherry University on 4 &5.3.2010.
  • Chaired a session at the two-day National Seminar on Production and Reception of Dalit Literature on 30.3.2011 & 31.03.201 organized by the Dept. of English, Pondicherry University.

Resource Person in Workshops / UGC Refresher Courses

  • As Resource person presented a module for teaching of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall| Apart in the Postcolonial context ,at a Workshop on Emerging New Literatures, organized by the Dept. of English, Avinashilingam Deemed University, Coimbatore held on 04.03.2011. 
  • Resource person at a three-day Workshop on Revised Curricula in English, organized by the Dept. of English, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry held from 28.09.2010 to 30.09.2010.
  • Delivered two lectures at the U.G.C. sponsored Refresher Course held at Dept. of Translation Studies, Tamil   University, Thanjavur  on January 6, 2011.
  • Delivered two lectures on Endangered Languages in India and The inclusion of Oral Literatures: problems of pedagogy in Comparative Literature respectively,at the U.G.C. sponsored Refresher Course held at the Academic Staff College, Bharthidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, in two sessions on 24.09.2013.
  • Delivered two lectures on Oral Literatures and Endangered Languages  and Contemporary Readings of Shakespeare respectively,at the U.G.C. sponsored Refresher Course held at the Academic Staff College, Bharthiyar University, Coimbatore, in two sessions on 29.11.2013.
  • Delivered two lectures on Relevance f Postcolonial Studies Today and Redefining the Discourse of Language respectively, at the U.G.C. sponsored Refresher Course held at the Dept. of English, Madras University, Chennai, in two sessions on 3.9.2013.
Honours / Awards (if any): 
  1. Award for the Best Research Paper 2006, of the  Indian Chapter of Association for  Commonwealth Language and  Literature Studies.
    The research paper entitled Indian Women Writing/Righting the Nation in and   through Fiction: A Postcolonial Perspective presented at  the Annual Conference of the Indian chapter of ACLALS, held at  Visva-Bharati , Shantiniketan 3 to 5.02.06 was adjudged the best research paper for the year 2006 and was awarded the  C.D.Narasimhaih - IACLALS  Award for the Best Research Paper for the year 2006. The prize carried a citation and a cheque for Rs. 5000.
  2. International recognition for creative writing: 2007-2008: Pichaikuppan: A Novel. Long listed for the first Man Asian Literary Prize among the entries from Asian countries. Published as The Silent One by Penguin, India, 2009.
  3. Citation from the Sahitya Akademi as Consolation Prize for the  entry, Ramarisivanam, an oral episode  of the Muduva Mahabharata, for translation into English, at the Sahitya Akademi Golden Jubilee Celebrations, 2008. 

Membership in Academic Bodies:

  1. Nominated Member of the Program Committee and Technical Committee of the Annual International Conference on Contemporary Cultural Studies (CCS 2013), at Singapore as invited Expert Reviewer for publication of Conference proceedings.
  2. Member, Board of Studies for English, NIT, Tiruchirapallai.
  3. Invited Reviewer for GASIAN Journal of Social Science.
  4. Member, Expert Committee, Major Research Project Bureau, University Grants Commission
  5. Member, Selection Committee, 2014-2015, National Institute of Puducherry, Karaikal.
  6. Member, Selection Committee, 2014-2015, Senthil College of Education,Puducherry.



Contact Details
Telephone No: 
0413 - 2654346
sujathav.eng@pondiuni.edu.in ; svpondyuniv@gmail.com