Dr. A. Hannah Rachel Vasanthi

Date Of Joining: 
DegreeSpecializationUniversity / InstitutionYear of Completion
1PDFFood and NutritionCV RAMAN Fellow University of California, Davis, USA2015
2PDFNew Drug DevelopmentBOYSCAST Fellow UCONN Health Centre, University of Connecticut, USA2008
3Ph.DBio-chemistry (Biochemical Pharmacology) Tamil University-Thanjavur2002
4M.PhilCardiac Science (Preventive Cardiology)MMM-BITS Centre BITS-Pilani1996
5M.Sc.Bio-chemistryBharathi Women’s College, University of Madras1994
6B.Sc.Bio-chemistryBharathi Women’s College, University of Madras1992
Total Experience: 
19 Years
Area of Specialization/Interest: 

Research Interests

  • Drug Discovery from Natural Products
  • Standardisation and Scientific Validation of Indian System of Medicine Drugs 
Publications (in last 3 years): 

    On Seaweeds and Marine Metabolites

    1. Veeresh Kumar Sali, Malarvizhi R, Manikandamadhavan M and Hannah R Vasanthi.(2018). Isolation and evaluation of phytoconstituents from red algae Acanthophoraspicifera as relative apoptotic agent towards A549 and Hela cancer cell line. Algal Research. 32: 172–181 (I.F. 3.745)

    2. Ananthi S, Gayathri V, Malarvizhi R, Bhardwaj M, Vasanthi HR. (2017) Anti-arthritic potential of marine macroalgaeTurbinariaornata in Complete Freund's Adjuvant induced rats. Experimental and Toxicologic pathology 69(8):672-680 (I.F- 1.975)

    3. Veeresh Kumar Sali, Malarvizhi R, Nithya P and Hannah R Vasanthi.(2017). Evaluation of in-vitro antioxidant and cytotoxicity activity of selected marine algae of Gulf of Mannar (Southeast coast of India) Seaweed Research Utilization. 39(2):28-34.(I.F- 0)

    4. Ananthi S., Gayathri V., VeereshkumarSali, MeenakshiBharwaaj, Hannah R. Vasanthi, (2016) Attenuation of inflammation by marine alga Turbinariaornata in cotton pellet induced granuloma mediated by fucoidan like sulphated polysaccharide. Carbohydrate Polymers, (151) 1261-1268(I.F- 5.158)

    5. Veeresh Kumar Sali, Debjani P. Mansingh and Hannah R. Vasanthi  (2016) Relative apoptotic potential and specific G1 arrest of stigmasterol and cinnamic acid isolated from the brown algae Padinagymnospora in HeLa and A549 cellsMed. Chem. Commun.,1429-1435, (I.F-2.342)

    6. Dicky John Davis, Hannah R. Vasanthi (2015) “QSAR based docking studies of marine algal anticancer compounds as inhibitors of protein kinase B (PKBβ)” European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences,76; 110–118.(I.F-3.466)

    7. Hannah R.Vasanthi, A Jaswanth, K.Atmaja, G.V.Rajamanickam (2013)"Influence of algal constituents of Acanthophoraspicifera in carbon tetrachloride induced liver damage in rats" Seaweed Res. Utilisation Journal, 35 (1&2): 1-10  (I.F-0)

    8. Hannah R. Vasanthi, Veeresh Kumar Sali, A. Jaswanth and G.V. Rajamanickam. 2012, “Evaluation of anti gastric ulcer activities of four Gracilariaspecies from southeast coast of India in albino rats” Seaweed research utilization., 34 (1&2) 1-8.(I.F.- 0)

    9. Dicky John Davis and Hannah R.Vasanthi.(2011). “Seaweed metabolite database(SWMD): A database of natural compounds from marine algae” Bioinformation5(8):  361-364(I.F-0.80)

    10. SubhashAnanthi, VeeraraghavanGayathri, ChandranayagamChandronitha, Raman Lakshmisundaram, Hannah R Vasanthi. (2011). “Free radical scavenging and anti-inflammatory potential of a marine brown algaTurbinariaornata (Tuner. J. Agardh)”. Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences, 20(5):664-670. (I.F-0.289)

    11. SubashAnanthi, Hanumantha Rao BalajiRaghavendran, AdoorGopalan Sunil, VeeraraghavanGayathri, GanapathyRamakrishnan and Hannah R. Vasanthi(2010).“In vitro antioxidant and in vivo anti-inflammatory potential of crude polysaccharide fromTurbinariaornata(brown algae)”Food and Chemical Toxicology, Vol.48.187-192.(I.F.- 3.977)

    12. SubhashAnanthi, VeeraraghavanGayathri, ChandranayagamChandronitha, M.K.Sangeetha, Hannah R Vasanthi.(2010) “Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property of Turbinariaornata”. Seaweed Research Utilisation, 32(1& 2): 37-46.
      (I.F.- 0)

    13. Hannah R.Vasanthi, A Jaswanth, V.Krishnaraj, G.V.Rajamanickamand A.Saraswathy, 2003, “In-vitro Snake Venom Detoxifying Action of Some Marine Algae of Gulf of Mannar, South-east Coast of India, Phytother. Res. 17, 1217- 1219.
      (I.F.- 3.349)

    14. Hannah R.Vasanthi, A Jaswanth, G.V.Rajamanickam and A.Saraswathy, 2003 “Control of urinary risk factors of stones byPadinaboergesenii (Allander& Kraft) brown algae on experimental hyperoxaluria”,Journal of Natural Remedies, 3/2:189-194. (I.F.- 3.349)
    15. On Medicinal Plants and Bioactive Molecules
      For Cardioprotection

    16. Jayachandran KS, Hannah R.Vasanthi, Gurusamy N. (2016) Steroidal saponinsdiosgenin from Dioscoreabulbifera protects cardiac cells from hypoxia-reoxygenation injury through modulation of pro-survival and pro-death molecules. Phcog Mag 12 (45),Suppl S1:14-20. (I.F-1.525)

    17. Somak Das, GoranMitrovsky, Hannah R. Vasanthi, Dipak K Das,(2014) "Anti-Aging Properties of a Grape-derived antioxidant are regulated by mitochondrial balance of fusion and fission leading to mitophagy triggered by a signaling network of Sirt1-Sirt3-Foxo3-Parkin-Pink1" Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, Article ID 345105, 13 pageshttp//ds.doi.org/10.1155/2014 345105(I.F-4.936)

    18. V. Gayathri, S. Anandhi and Hannah R. Vasanthi(2013)“Antihyperlipidemic potential of polyphenol and glycoside richNeriumOlenderflower against trition WR-1339-induced hyperlipidemia in experimental Sprague Dawley rats” Journal of Chemistry, Volume 2013, Article ID 825290, 8 pages (I.F.- 1.726)

    19. V. Gayathri, S. Ananthi, C. Chandronitha, G. Ramakrishnan, R. Lakshmi Sundaram, and Hannah R. Vasanthi.(2011) “Cardioprotective Effect ofNerium oleander Flower against Isoproterenol-Induced Myocardial Oxidative Stress in Experimental Rats”.Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 16 (1) 96-104 (I.F.- 2.936)

    20. VeeraraghavanGayathri, SubhashAnanthi, M.K.Sangeetha, ChandranayagamChandronitha, Hannah R Vasanthi. (2011) “Hypolipidemic potential of flowers of Nerium oleander in high fat diet fed Sprague Dawley rats. Natural Product Research 25:11,1110-1114 (I.F.- 1.828)

    21. K Gayathri, KS Jayachandran, Hannah R Vasanthi and GV Rajamanickam. “Cardioprotective effect of lemon grass as evidenced by biochemical and histopathological changes in experimentally induced cardiotoxicity. Human and Experimental Toxicology,2011 30: 1073-1082 (I.F. –1.840)

    22. K.S.Jayachandran, Hannah R.Vasanthi, G.V. Rajamanickam. “Flavonoid rich fraction of Dioscoreabulbifera Linn. (Yam) enhances mitochondrial enzymes and antioxidant status and thereby protects heart from isoproterenol induced myocardial infarction”.Curr Pharm Biotechnol. 2010; 11(8):887-894.(I.F.- 1.819)

    23. Hannah R Vasanthi, Subhendu Mukherjee, Diptarka Ray, KaruppiahShanmugasundaraPandianJayachandran, IstvanLekli and Dipak Kumar Das. “Protective role of air potato Dioscoreabulbifera) of yam family in myocardial ischemic reperfusion injury”. Food and Function. 2010; Vol: 1, 278- 283.(I.F.-3.289)

    24. Hannah R. Vasanthi, Subhendu Mukherjee, IstvanLekli, Diptarka Ray, Gayathri Veeraraghavan, Dipak. K. Das.(2009). Potential Role of Borreria  hispidain Ameliorating the Cardiovasular Risk Factors”.Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology, 53(6):499-506.(I.F.-2.227)

    25. K.S.Jayachandran, Hannah R. Vasanthi, G.V.Rajamanickam 2009. Anti lipoperoxidative and membrane stabilising effect of diosgenin, in experimentally induced myocardial infarction” in Journal of Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry 327:203- 210.(I.F.-2.561)
    26. For Diabetes & Complications

    27. VidhushiniSekar, SayanChakraborty, Sugumar Mani, Veeresh Kumar Sali, Hannah R. Vasanthi (2018) Mangiferin from mangoes attenuates post-prandial glucose by inhibiting α glucosidase and α amylase activity. South African Journal of Botany.SAJB-01948; 6.(I.F.- 1.442)

    28. M.K. Sangeetha, C.D. MohanaPriya, Hannah R. Vasanthi“Anti-diabetic property ofTinosporacordifoliaand its active compound is mediated through the expression of Glut-4 in L6 myotubes.”Phytomedicine, 2013,20, 246-248. (I.F.- 3.610)

    29. M.K.Sangeetha, Nitin Shri Shri Mal, Atmaja K., Veeresh Kumar Sali, Hannah R Vasanthi"PPAR's and Diosgenin a Chemico Biological Insight in NIDDM" Chemico Biological Interactions 2013, 206,  403- 410(I.F-3.296)

    30. Mabel Parimala, M. Debjani, Hannah R Vasanthi, Francis GricildaShoba, (2015) Nymphaeanouchali Burm. hydroalcoholic seed extract increases glucose consumption in 3T3-L1 adipocytes through activation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma and insulin sensitization. J Adv Pharm Technol Res. Oct-Dec; 6(4): 183–189.

    31. Sangeetha MK, BalajiRaghavendran HR, Gayathri V, Hannah R. Vasanthi(2011)“Tinosporacordifoliaattenuates oxidative stress and distorted carbohydrate metabolism in experimentally induced type 2 diabetes in rats. J Nat Med.65(3-4):544-50(I.F. - 1.92).
    32. Miscellaneous

    33. MK Kalaivani, SumathyArockiasamy, Cordelia John, Hannah Rachel Vasanthi, P Soundararajan. (2018) Therapeutic potential of Boerhaviadiffusa L. against cyclosporine A-Induced mitochondrial dysfunction and apoptosis in madin–Darby canine kidney cells.Pharmacognosy Magazine. 14:55,132-140. (I.F. -1.525).

    34. Sivakumar M, D Chamundeeswari, NaliniGanesan, HannahR.Vasanthi (2014) “Identification of Some Bioactive Constituents of GlycosmispentaphyllaRetz.DC using GC-MS” World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research Volume 3, Issue 4, 1811-1818. (I.F. -0.27).

    35. V. Gayathri, S. Anandhi, RP.Parameshwari, Hannah R. Vasanthi(2012) “Free Radical Scavenging Potential and Reducing Capacity of Flowers of Nerium oleander Linn”. Journal of Herbs, Spices & Medicinal Plants. May; 18(1): 77-92 (I.F. - 0.835).

    36. Raman Lakshmi sundaram,  GanapathyRamakrishnan, PeriyathambiKalaivani, VeeraragavanGayathri, SubashAnanthi, S. Saranya,  Hannah R.Vasanthi. (2012)Effectiveness of Cassiaoccidentalison pentylenetetrazole-induced Oxidative stress and kindling in rat” Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine, 1-6.(I.F. - 0).
    37. On AYUSH Drugs

    38. Hannah R. Vasanthi, V. Muthulakshmi, V. Gayathri, R. Manikandan, S. Ananthi, SarahKuruvilla(2017)Antiurolithiatic Effect of SirupeelaiSamoolaKudineer – A Polyherbal Siddha Decoction on Ethylene Glycol Induced Renal Calculus in Experimental Rats. Pharmacogn.Mag.13(50) 273-279.(I.F. -1.525).

    39. R. Sathish R. Madhavan, Hannah R. Vasanthi Arul Amudhan. (2012). "In-vitro alpha glucosidase inhibitory activity of Abragachendooram, A Siddha drug, International Journal of Pharmacology and Clinical Sciences 9; 1(3-1) 79-81.(I.F. -0).

    40. V Gayathri, V Muthulakshmi, C Chandronitha, M Vasanthkumar, G Ramakrishnan, S Ananthi, Sarah Kuruvilla and Hannah R Vasanthi (2011). “Toxicological evaluation of an antilithiaticpolyherbal Siddha formulation–SirupeellaiSamoolaKudineerin experimental rats. Human and Experimental Toxicology. 30:8,952-964(I.F. -1.840)

    41. M Vasanthkumar, R P Parameswari, V Vijaya Kumar, M K Sangeetha, V Gayathri, H Balaji Raghavendran, D Chamundeeswari and Hannah R Vasanthi. (2010)“Anti-ulcer role of Herbomineral Siddha Drug –ThamiraParpamon Experimentally Induced gastric mucosal damage in Rats.  Human and Experimental Toxicology; 29(3), 161-173.
      (I.F.- 1.840)

      R P Parameswari, M Vasanthkumar, V. Vijaya Kumar, G.Ramakrishnan, M K Sangeetha, H BalajiRaghavendran, D Chamundeeswari and Hannah R Vasanthi. (2010) “Prophylactic role of a herbomineral drug -ThamiraparpamagainstCysteamine induced oxidative stress in liver and duodenum. Biol Trace Elem Res., 138:212–225. (I.F.-2.361)

    42. VallinayagamMuthulakshmi, VeeraraghavanGayathri, SubhashAnanthi, Raman Lakshmi Sundaram, RoyapuramParthasarathyParameswari, Johnson Thanka and Hannah R  Vasanthi. (2010).Safety and bioactive potential of a traditional polyherbalformulation “SirupeelaiSamoolaKudineer” Journal of Pharmacy Research, 3(9),2211-2214. (I.F.-0.789)

    43. Jeganathan N.S, Kannan K, ManavalanR and Hannah R Vasanthi. (2008). “Standardisationof a Siddha formulation AmukkaraChurnam by HPTLC”, Afr. J. Trad. CAM5 (2): 131-140.(I.F.- 0.56)
    44. On Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals

    45. Debjani P Mansingh, NibeditaDalpati, Veeresh Kumar Sali and Hannah R Vasanthi.(2018) Allin the precursor of Allicin in garlic extract mitigates proliferation of gastric adenocarcinoma cells by modulating apoptosis. Pharmacognosy Magazine.24(6):1585-92.(I.F. -1.525)

    46. Malarvizhi R, Sali V.K, Kumari M, Hannah R. Vasanthi (2015) ,Adipogenesis in Obesity is modulated by IP6 in Peanuts through Activation of Nuclear Receptors(PPARs) J Obesity & Overweight1(3):303. (I.F. -0)

    47. C. Chandronitha, V.Gayathri, S. Anandhi, Hannah R. Vasanthi. (2013)" Restoration of arsenite induced hepato-toxicity by crude tannin rich fraction of Theobroma cacao in Sprague Dawley rats" Food Res. International 50: 46-54. (I.F.-3.520).

    48. M.K.Sangeetha, D.EazhisaiVallabi, Veeresh Kumar Sali,  J.Thanka,Hannah R. Vasanthi. (2013) "Sub-acute Toxicity profile of a modified resveratrol supplement"Food and Chemical Toxicology, 59, 492-500(I.F.- 3.977).

    49. C.Chandronitha, S.Ananthi, G.Ramakrishnan, R.Lakshmisundaram, V.Gayathri, Hannah R.Vasanthi. (2010).“Protective Role of Tannin Rich Fraction of Camellia Sinensis in TissueArsenic Burden in Sprague Dawley Rats”. Human and Experimental Toxicology,29(9) 705–719. (I.F. - 1.74)
    50. On Metal Complexes

    51. SubramaniyamRajalakshmi, Thomas Weyhermüller, Allen J. Freddy, Hannah R. Vasanthi and BalachandranUnni Nair.(2011) “Anomalous behavior of Pentacoordinate Copper complexes of dimethylphenanthroline and derivatives of terpyridine ligands: Studies on DNA binding, cleavage and apoptotic activity”European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry , 46: 608-617(I.F.- 4.816)

    52. V.M. Manikandamathavan,  M. Kavitha,  V. Uma, R.P. Parameswari, Hannah R. Vasanthi,BalachandranUnni Nair. (2011)Cytotoxic copper (II) complex of tripyridoquinoxaline with DNA hydrolase activity. Polyhedron, 30: 1604– 1611

    53. Verasuntharam M. Manikandamathavan, Royapuram P. Parameswari, Thomas Weyhermüller, Hannah R. Vasanthi and BalachandranUnni Nair. (2011)Cytotoxic Copper (II) Mixed Ligand Complexes: Crystal Structure and DNA Cleavage Activity European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Sep;46(9):4537-47(I.F.- 4.816)
    54. F-Others

    55. SaravanaBabu C., A.G.Sunil., Hannah R. Vasanthi, V.S. Muthuswamy, M. Ramanathan, (2007). “Development and Validation of an HPTLC Method for Simultaneous Estimation of Excitatory Neurotransmitters in Rat Brain; Journal of Liquid Chromatography and Related Technologies” 30(19): 2891-2902.(I.F.- 0.827)

    56. Charles Dorni A.I., Vidhyalakshmi K.S., Hannah R. Vasanthi., Rajamanickam       G.V. (2007). “HPTLC Method for the Quantification of Plumbagin in three PlumbagoSpecies, Res Jour Phytochem, 1 (1): 46-51. (I.F.- 0)


Review Articles

  1. VidhushiniSekar and Hannah R Vasanthi.(2017) Grape Seed Extract and its Effects on Diabetes and its Complications. Current Research in Diabetes & Obesity. 2(2) 001-004. (I.F.- 0)
  2. NarasimhanMalathi, SabesanMythili, Hannah R. Vasanthi. (2014)“Salivary Diagnostics: A Brief Review” ISRN Dentistry, Volume 2014, 8 pages. (I.F.- 0)
  3. Mythili S, Malathi N, Hannah R. Vasanthi (2014) Salivary Heart Fatty Acid Binding Protein - A Novel Biomarker of Myocardial Damage. Oral Hygiene & Health 2:141. doi: 10.4172/2332-0702.1000141. (I.F.- 0)
  4. Hannah R Vasanthi, R P Parameswari, Joel deLeiris and Dipak K. Das. (2012).“ Health Benefits of Wine and Alcohol: From Neuroprotection to Heart Health. Frontiers in Bioscience (Elite Ed). Jan 1; 4:1505-12. (I.F.- 2.484).
  5. Hannah R. Vasanthi, RP Parameshwari, Dipak K. Das. (2012). “Multifaceted role of tocotrienolsincardioprotection supports their structure: function relation”. Genes & Nutrition 7(1):19-28(I.F.-3.015).
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  9. Hannah R. Vasanthi,Subhendhu Mukeerjee, Dipak K. Das.(2009). “Health Benefits of Broccoli: A Chemico-Biological Overview” in Mini Reviews in Medicinal chemistry, Vol. 9. (6) 749 – 759.(I.F.-2.903)
  10. Sangeetha M.K. and Hannah R. Vasanthi. (2009).“Plant kingdom claims for insulin”, Sri RamachandraUniversity Journal of Medicine, August, 24 – 31. (I.F.-0)
Honours / Awards (if any): 

Fellowships, Awards or Honors Received During Academic/Professional Career

  1. Recipient of the INDO-US  Raman Fellowship by the UGC, Govt. of India (2014-2015)

  2. Recipient of the AGASTHIYAR Award (2013) from the Indian Association of Biomedical Scientists

  3. Recipient of the Tamil Nadu Young Women Scientist Award (2009-10) in the field of Medical Sciences and Native Medicine.

  4. Awarded Fellow Title of the Indian Association of Biomedical Scientists.(2009)

  5. Awarded BOYSCAST Fellowship by the DST, Govt.of India (2007-2008).          

  6. Earned University ranks in Master of Science and Bachelor of Science Degree


  1. Teaching Experience of nearly 20 years as on July 2018

  2. Research Experience of nearly 16 years as on July 2018

  3. Capacity to prepare, obtain and execute funded research projects and lead a team of
    12 -15 scholars (Completed-9, Ongoing -1) worth 7 crores altogether

  4. Published 80 papers in refereed National & International Journals.

  5. Authored chapters in 12books of repute.

  6. Presented 50 research papers in various National & International Seminars/Conferences.

  7. Delivered 74 invited lectures in various seminars and conferences.

  8. Organized seminars/Conferences (5) and workshops(4).

  9. Ph. D guide for research scholars (Awarded -10, Ongoing- 6).

  10. Expertise in handling sophisticated analytical equipments.

  11. Expertise in pre-clinical studies in drug development including animal experimentation.

Professional Assignments

  1. DBT Nominee for Institutional Biosafety Committee for other Institutions and Industries (2017 onwards)

  2. CPSCEA Nominee of Govt. of India, for Animal experimentation for educational Institutions (2013 onwards)

  3. Expert Member NEIGRIHMS Scientific Advisory Committee (NSAC) Shillong (2017 onwards)

  4. Expert Member JIPMER Scientific Advisory Committee (2013 onwards)

  5. National Co-ordination Member, Institute of Microbial Sciences, JIPMER 2017

  6. Coordinator- Start-up Centre Pondicherry University (2016 onwards)

  7. Member Secretary IAEC- Pondicherry University (2014  - Till date)

  8. Executive Member of the Indian Association of Biomedical Scientists, (2016- 2019)

  9. UG and PG Board of Studies Memberin Pondicherry University, KUFOS, Bharathidasan University.

  10. Governing Board Member in Pondicherry University Affiliated Colleges

  11. Academic Auditor, Vellore Institute of Technology, Stella Maris College, SIET College,

  12. Ph. DDoctoral Committee Member in various Universities

  13. Peer Reviewer in National & International Journals.

  14. Editorial Board Member in Sea Weed Research Utilization Journal

  15. Examiner  and question paper setter in various universities

Association with Professional Bodies- Life Member

  1. Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA)

  2. Association of Clinical Biochemist of India(ACBI)

  3. Seaweed Research &Utilisation Association (SRUA)

  4. Biotechnology Research Society of India (BRSI)

  5. Indian Society of Toxicology(IST)

  6. Indian Association of Bomedical Scientists (IABMS)

  7. Indian Geological Congress (IGC)

  8. Indian Society of Atherosclerosis Research (ISAR


Book Chapters

  • Sangeetha M.K. and Hannah R. Vasanthi “Medicinal value of Tinosporacordifolia: Anti-Diabetic Potential and Mechanism of Action of Bioactive Molecules” Volumes 45 on “Metabolic Disorders: Diabetes I & II” Studium press Chapter 39.

  • Samarjit Das, Hannah R. Vasanthi and Ramesh Prajapath “MitomiRs Keep the HEART beating” Vol.982  Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology “Mitochondrial Dynamics in Cardiovascular Medicine” Springer Chapter 23 pp 431-450.

  • K.S. Jayachandran, Veeresh Kumar Sali and Hannah R. Vasanthi“HPTLC as a Tool for Standardizing Drugs from Medicinal Plants"  Vol.41 Analytical and Processing Techniques of the Series "Recent Progress in Medicinal Plants"Studium Press Chapter 14 pp1-14, 2016

  • Dipak K. Das and Hannah R. Vasanthi, “Myocardial Adaptation and Autophagy” chapter 22 in the book Cardiac Adaptations edited by B. Ostadal and N. S. Dhalla, Springer Science+Business Media New York 2013pp 415-432. ISBN: 978-1-4614-5202-7.

  • G. Dicky John Davis, Veeresh Kumar Sali, and Hannah R. Vasanthi,Clues for Cancer from Ocean-Derived Molecules and Role of InSilicoTechniquesin Anticancer Drug Discovery” in the book Marine Pharmacology: Trends and ApplicationseditedbySe-Kwon Kim., December 11, 2012 by CRC Press Taylor & Francis group, 456 Pages pp393-407. ISBN 9781439892299.

  • Dipak K. Das and Hannah R. Vasanthi  “Resveratrol in Dermal Health” in the book Bioactive Dietary Factors and Dermatological Health Edited by Ronald Ross Watson and Sharma Zibadi copyright 2012 Humana Press  pp :177 -188.    

  • Hannah R.Vasanthi“Herbal Remedies as modulators of Redox Biology in Metabolic Disorders”in the Conference Compilation Book on Oxidative Stress in Health and Disease NCOSH 2011 Edited byNarendrakannan. ISBN: 93-80697-53-6, Excel India Publishers, 2011. pp: 30-47.

  • Hannah R. Vasanthi and G.V.Rajamanickam, “Marine Algae as Biomonitors  of Pollution at Tuticorin Coast-Southeast Coast of India” in the book Coastal Hazards; Eds O.P. Varma, GV Rajamanickam& Eugene Wilson, IGC Publication pp: 94-98.

  • Hannah R. Vasanthi and G.V.Rajamanickam in the book Marine Pharmacology, Edited by S. Ravikumar& K. Kathiresan; Copyright  2010  Alagappa University Publications  pp:198-210

  • Hannah R. Vasanthi, NesrinKartal-Özer, Angelo AzziandDipakK.Das“Dietary    Supplements, Cholesterol and Cardiovascular Disorders in the book Modern Dietary fat Intakes in Disease Promotion” Edited by Ronald Ross Watson, Fablein De Meester and Sharma Zibadi copyright 2010 Springer Link – pp: 227 -247.    

  • Muthulakshmi, Vijayakumar, Vasanthkumar, Hannah R. Vasanthi“Food is Medicine and Medicine is Food – A Siddha Perspective”. Functional Food for Chronic Diseases, Ed.Danik M. Martirosyan USA - 2009 Vol.4: 274- 317.

  • Samarjit Das, Hannah R. Vasanthi and Dipak K. Das: “Function and Biochemistry of Resveratrol” in the book Plant Phenolics and Human Health: Biochemistry, Nutrition, and Pharmacology”, Edited by Cesar G. Fraga.; Copyright 2009 John Wiley     & Sons, Inc. pp: 299:331.

Any Others: 

Research Interests
Drug Discovery from Natural Products
Screening of various plants both terrestrial (medicinal &ornamental) and marine (seaweeds &seagrasses) for different pathological conditions such as inflammation, cancer, diabetes, ulcers and dyslipidemia, leading to isolation of lead bioactive molecules followed by studying the mode of its action using biochemical and molecular techniques in drug discovery and development.

Standardisation and Scientific Validation of Indian System of Medicine Drugs 
Bringing our ancient traditional knowledge to the global limelight by validation of drugs of ISM is highly warranted. Based on a multidisciplinary approach some Ayurveda/Siddha drugs of herbal and herbomineral origin are being scientifically evaluated, validated and documented for diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and ulcers. 

Ongoing Projects



Project Title


Sponsoring Agency


Principal Investigator
At Pondicherry University

Scientific Evaluation of a AyurvedicPolyherbal Formulation PANKARE in the Management of Diabetes Mellitus and its Complications


Rs. 110.10 Lakhs
Under Academia- Industry Partnership Programme

Completed Projects



Project Title


Sponsoring Agency


Principal Investigator
At Pondicherry University

A Pragmatic Scientific Evaluation of two phytomedicines  for the management  of metabolic syndrome  related obesity


DST (SERC)- Health Sciences
Rs. 44.22 Lakhs


Principal Investigator
At Pondicherry University

Anticancer Potential of Selected Marine Algae of Gulf of Mannar (Southeast coast of India)


UGC (Major Research project)
Rs. 8.53 Lakhs


Principal Investigator

Scientific Evaluation of Copper containing Herbo mineral formulation for the management of Ulcers under National Initiative on Metal Based Drugs.


Rs. 114.250 Lakhs under National Initiative on Metal Based Drugs.
Handed over to SRU


Principal Investigator

Preclinical Studies of a Polyherbal and Herbomineral Drug in the management of Urolithiasis –A Comparative Study


Rs. 22.89 lakhs


Principal Investigator

Scientific Evaluation of Safety and Efficacy Profile of an AyurvedicPolyherbal Formulation in the Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis

 3 years

DST Drugs and Pharmaceutical Division
Rs. 118.673 lakhs


Principal Investigator

Scientific Evaluation of Safety and Efficacy Profile of an AyurvedicPolyherbal Formulation in the Management of Diabetes Mellitus

 3 years

DST Drugs and Pharmaceutical Division
Rs. 119.902 lakhs


Principal Investigator
At SASTRA University

Scientific Evaluation of Safety and Efficacy Profile of Herbal Siddha Formulation in the Management of Leucoderma

 2 years

DST Drugs and Pharmaceutical Division
Rs. 80.3 lakhs


Co- Principal Investigator
At SASTRA University

Scientific Evaluation of Safety and Efficacy Profile of Herbal Siddha Formulation in the Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis

 3 years

DST Drugs and Pharmaceutical Division
Rs. 100 lakhs.

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Professor, Dept. of Biotechnology, School of Life Sciences, Pondicherry University
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