Dr. A. Chella Perumal

DegreeSpecializationUniversity / InstitutionYear of Completion
1Ph.D.-University of Madras1994
2M.A.-University of Madras1981
3B.Sc.-University of Madras1978
4P.U.C-University of Madras1975
Total Experience: 
22 Years
Area of Specialization/Interest: 

Socio-Cultural Anthropology, Anthropology of Religion, Tribal Folklore,Ethno Poetics.

Publications (in last 3 years): 

  a) National

  1.  Anthropological research Works of the Tamils ( in Tamil ) in Puthagm Pesuthu ( Special Issue )vol. April.pp 59-60
  2. Book review on Tamil Nadu tribes ( in Tamil ) in Matruvelui Research Journal.vol. ( Nov. )1: 77-81
  3. Humanistic values of Vallalar ( in Tamil ) in Vallalar from multiple angles Ed. Sudharshan and V. Pragati, Kurinjipadi: Maniam Padhipagam
  4. Anthropology in the teaching of Tamil Literature from the point of view of Thirukovaiyarin New Approaches and Usages in teaching of Tamil Literature at the Higher Education Level ( in Tamil) A. Karunanithi. Tiruchy: Urumu Dhanalakshmi College.pp 83-107'
  5. ( Co-authored with S. Vijayaraghavan ) Ethnopoetics of the Irulas in Mystique


  1. ( co-authorede with S. Vijayaraghavan ) Ethnopoetics of the Irulas in Cross Cultures: Readings in the Post Colonial Literatures. Newyork: Rodopi. c) General Articles

  2. Lores of the Mallars from Anthropological Perspectives in Emergence of Mallar History (in Tamil ) Ed. T. Gunasekaran. Pp111-124  


Seminars/Conferences/Workshops Conducted(Last 3 Years): 
 Year Organised Level of Participation Title of Programme (International/National/Institution)
19th February 2008 Queen Mary’s College, Chennai Presented a paper on Anthropology in Tamil Nadu National Seminar on Sociology
6th March 2008 Dept.of Sociology, University of Madras Presented a paper on Caste Conflicts Seminar on Rural Communities
16th April 2008 Centre for South Asian Studies, Pondicherry University Presented a paper on h Asian Anthropology Seminar on South Asian Regional Co-operation
20th & 21st December 2008 Urumu Dhanalakshmi College, Tiruchy Presented paper on Literary Anthropology National Seminar on Literature
21st August 2009 Sahitya Akademy valedictory address Symposium on Tribal Literature
21st February 2009 Universty of Hyderabad participated INCAA Inter congress
27th to 31st July 2009 Kunming University, China Presented a paper on Marginals 16th Congress of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences


Seminars/Conferences/Workshops Participated(Last 3 Years): 
Position held*
March 2009
Seminar on Youth
Centre for Adult Education, Pondicherry University
Co- organizer
30th March 2008
Seminar on Globalization
Dept. of Anthropology, Pondicherry University
Organizing Committee member
6th February 2008
Conference on Sustainable Development
Centre for Canadian Studies, Pondicherry University
Organizing Committee member
3oth March 2009
Conference on Ethnomusicology
USEFI, Chennai
Organizing Secretary
26th & 27th August 2009
National Seminar on Anandarangapillai
Pondicherry University
Organaizing Committee mmber
Honours / Awards (if any): 


Details of award / Prize


Contribution for which awarded

2002- 2005

UGC Research Award

Research project and publications



To do research and deliver lectures in the US Universities


Best Book Award

For the manuscript in Anthropology

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