Title Posted Date
Vacancy position - M.Sc (Marine Biology) & M.Sc. (Disaster Management) 03-07-2015
Vacancy Position – M.Sc. 5 Year Integrated Programme (Applied Geology, Chemistry & Physics) 03-07-2015
Vacancy Position – M.Sc. (Computer Science) 03-07-2015
Vacancy Position – M.Sc. Programme (Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science) 03-07-2015
Vacancy Position – M.A. French (Translation & Interpretation) 02-07-2015
Vacancy Position – M.Sc. (5 Years Integrated Economics) 02-07-2015
Vacancy Position – M.Com. (Accounting & Taxation) 02-07-2015
Vacancy Position – M.A. (Hindi) 02-07-2015
Vacancy Position – Centre for South Asian Studies 02-07-2015
Vacancy Position – M.A. (History) 02-07-2015
Vacancy Position – Dept. of Food Science & Technology 02-07-2015
Vacancy Position – M.Sc. (Chemical Sciences) 02-07-2015
Vacancy Position – M.A. (South Asian Studies) 02-07-2015
Vacancy Position – M.A. (Applied Economics) 02-07-2015
Vacancy Position – M.A.(Sanskrit) 02-07-2015
Vacancy Position – Master of Social Work 02-07-2015
Vacancy Position – M.A. (English) 02-07-2015
Vacancy position - M.A. (Anthropology) 01-07-2015
Vacancy Position - M.A. (Politics & International Studies) 01-07-2015
Vacancy Position - Integrated M.Sc – Ph.D Biotechnology 01-07-2015
Vacancy Position – M.A. (Sociology) 01-07-2015
Vacancy Position - M.Sc Applied Geology & M.Tech. Exploration Geoscience 01-07-2015
Vacancy position - M.Sc (Microbiology) 01-07-2015
Vacancy Position - M.Sc (Marine Biology) & M.Sc. (Disaster Management) 01-07-2015
Vacancy position - M.Sc. (Mathematics) 01-07-2015
Title Issuing Authority Issuing Date
Faculty Development Programme – Indian Institute of Management Shillong Deputy Registrar (Estt) 24-04-2019
Appointment of Observer for Conduct of the University Entrance Examinations 2019-20 – Expression of Interest – Invited Assistant Registrar, (Academic-Admission) 24-04-2019
Campus Placement Drive - Dept. of Hindi, PU Dr. C. Jaya Sankar Babu, Asst. Professor & Head (i/c), Dept. of Hindi 24-04-2019
Letter of Appreciation Prof. K. Srinivas, Dean, School of Humanities 24-04-2019
Arrangement of in-Campus Trips by University Owned Buses During Summer Vacation Period Assistant Registrar, Transport Section 24-04-2019
Final Project Report of Dr.S.Sudha Rani, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Advisor, Project Cell 24-04-2019
Furnishing of Audited Accounts, List of Members, Office Bearers, up-to-date copy of the Rules & Bye Laws Deputy Registrar (Admn) 24-04-2019
Ph.D. Viva – Voce Examination of Mr.S.Mariappan on 6th May 2019 Dr.V.Nirmala, Professor, Dept. of Economics 23-04-2019
Decision Taken by the Transport Advisory Committee (TAC) Deputy Registrar (Admn) 23-04-2019
Ph.D. Viva – Voce Notification of Mr.V.Vijayakumar on 6th May 2019 Dr. K. Suresh Joseph, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Science 23-04-2019
Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation Notification of Mrs.R.Bhuvanesvari on 6th May 2019 Dr. K. Suresh Joseph, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Science 23-04-2019
Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation Notification of Mr.Chinna Rao Kurangi on 6th May 2019 Dr.S.K.V. Jayakumar, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Science 23-04-2019
Ph.D. Public Viva – Voce Presentation Notification of Mr.P.Sajid Abdul Rub on 3rd May 2019 Dr. A. Vadivel Murugan, Associate Professor & Head, Centre for Nanosciences & Technology 23-04-2019
Notification for Ph.D. Public Viva – Voce Examination of Mr.C.Mani on 8th May 2019 Dr.A.Subramanyam Raju, Head, Centre for South Asian Studies 23-04-2019
Notification for Ph.D. Public Viva- Voce Examination of Mr.R.Srinivasan on 8th May 2019 Dr.A.Subramanyam Raju, Head, Centre for South Asian Studies 23-04-2019
Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation of Mr.Aamir Rashid Bhat on 2nd May 2019 Dr. G. Madan Mohan, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Management Studies 23-04-2019
Ph.D. Synopsis of Mr.Nibagani Naresh on 6th May 2019 Dr.N. Satyanarayana, Professor, Dept. of Physics 23-04-2019
Students Achievement - Congratulations Message Dr. P.P.Mathur, Professor & Head, Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 22-04-2019
Students Achievement - Congratulations Message Dr.M.Shuaib Mohamed Haneef, Assistant Professor & Head (i/c), Dept. of Electronic Media & Mass Communication 22-04-2019
Fifth Visitor’s Award – 2019 for Central Universities Registrar (i/c) 22-04-2019
Notification of Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation of Mr.Abinash Kumar Jha on 6th May 2019 Dr.Anu Chandran, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Tourism Studies 22-04-2019
Notice to the Hostel Inmates Dr.S.Sudalai Muthu, Chief Warden, Boys Hostels 22-04-2019
Ph.D. Synopsis Public Presentation of Mr.S.Sakthee Ananth on 30th April 2019 Dr. Thanuja Mummidi, Centre Head (i/c), Centre for Study of Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy 22-04-2019
Pre - Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation of Ms. Sneha Sawhney on 30th April 2019 Prof. Jayant Kumar Mishra, Dept. of Ocean Studies and Marine Biology, Brukshabad Campus, Port Blair, Andamans 19-04-2019
NHRC: EOI for Inviting Research Proposals Advisor, Project Cell 17-04-2019
Title Posted Date
Two Week Capacity Building Programme for Young Faculty Members in Social Sciences 30-08-2018
10 Days Research Methodology Workshop for M.Phil/Ph.D./PDF Scholars in Social Sciences in School of Education 29-08-2018
Symposium on Archaeological Anthropology 28-08-2018
Guest Lecture on Robotic Technologies 28-08-2018
National Workshop on Research Methodology 27-08-2018
Threes Day National Seminar on “Indian Spiritual Heritage through Sanskrit Devotional Literature of South India” 24-08-2018
Special Lecture on Sri Aurobindo & World Philosophy 24-08-2018
Guest Lecture on India’s Global Business Opportunities & Risks 24-08-2018
Guest Lecture on Career Opportunities for Life Science Students 23-08-2018
Lecture on Tuning Semiconductors to Topological Insulators Through Band Engineering 15-08-2018
Invitation for Technical Meet - 2018 14-08-2018
Lecture series on 1) “Stock Market a Casino or a Barometer” 2) “Are Frauds Causing loss of faith in Banks” 10-08-2018
Revised - International Conference on Global Commons 09-08-2018
Workshop & Performance on Shadow Puppet Theatre 07-08-2018
International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples 07-08-2018
Invited Talks on “Indian Ocean Trade: Production, Circulation & Exchange of Indian Glass Beads” 07-08-2018
Special Lecture on Solid State Chemistry of Fast Ion Conductors 06-08-2018
Seminar on “Marching Towards a Green Campus” 02-08-2018
Lecture on “Pricing in Utilities” 31-07-2018
Lecture on ‘Derrida & Deconstruction’ 31-07-2018
Lecture on “Neuro Decision Making” 26-07-2018
Three Days National Workshop on MOOCs Creation - Educational Multimedia Research Centre 24-07-2018
Special Lecture On Emerging Security Environment in East Asia 21-07-2018
One Day Workshop on Can I be an Executive 20-07-2018
Photography Contest - PUCC 19-07-2018
Title Posted Date
Library Orientation Programme for newly joined Students & Research Scholars on 03.10.2012 26-09-2012
List of UGC NET Cleared Students - Dept. of Philosophy 25-09-2012
List of UGC JRF/NET Passed Candidates 2012 - Dept. of Economics 24-09-2012
List of NET- JRF Passed Candidates 2012 - Dept. of English 20-09-2012
Issue of RFID ID Cards to Senior Students and Research Scholars 07-09-2012
Ananda Rangapillai Library Organises Student Outreach Event on 11.09.2012 05-09-2012
State Eligibility Test for Lectureship - Bharathiar University 24-08-2012
National Sports Day - Inter - Collegiate Hockey (Men) Tournament 2012-13 17-08-2012
Office Bearers for Students Council 2012-13 13-08-2012
Office Bearers for Scholars Forum 2012-13 13-08-2012
Selected Candidates - Indian Air Force 13-08-2012
Students Election 2012 - Results 13-08-2012
Declaration of Results for the Representatives of School Students' Council/ Scholars' Forum 12-08-2012
Sponsorships for MBA (Insurance Management Students) - Karaikal Campus 12-08-2012
Students Election - Arrangements 10-08-2012
Students Election - Transport Arrangements 10-08-2012
Intercollegiate Game Show for College Students called "Hole in the Wall" - Sun TV Network Limited 09-08-2012
Schedule of Inter-Collegiate Tournaments cum selection Trials (Men& Women) for the academic year 2012-13 - Directorate of Physical Edn. & Sports 08-08-2012
Claiming of PG Scholarship 08-08-2012
Students Election 2012 - Further Clarifications 07-08-2012
School of Management - Final List of Contestants for Scholars Forum Election - 2012 07-08-2012
School of Management - Final List of Contestants for Students Council Election - 2012 07-08-2012
Issue of RFID ID Cards to First Year Students 06-08-2012
Open Competition - Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan 03-08-2012
Special Entry into Meteorology Branch by the Indian Air Force During Jul 2013 03-08-2012