Policies & Regulations




Ph.D. Regulations (Modified upto May 2020)

New Regulations for Ph.D. Programme

3 Fixing of Age limit for Ph.D Scholars
4 Signing of Transcripts & Transfer Certificates
5 Clarification regarding recognition of Guides, registration of Ph.D. scholars and writing of Projects, etc
6 Eligibility for admission to Ph.D. Part-time (Internal).
Establishment - Teaching
1 Roster on Reservation - Professors
2 Roster on Reservation - Lecturer/Assistant Professor
3 Roster on Reservation - Reader/Associate Professor
4 Roster for Persons with Disabilities
Establishment - Non-Teaching
1 Roster on Reservation for Person with Disabilities
2 Roster on Reservation for Person with Disabilities - Promotion
3 Reservation Roster for Administrative Officer (Updated on 20.10.2015)
4 Reservation Roster for Computer Service (Updated on 20.10.2015)
5 Reservation Roster for Electronic Media & Research Centre (Updated on 20.10.2015)
6 Reservation Roster for Engineering Service (Updated on 20.10.2015)
7 Reservation Roster for Health Service (Updated on 20.10.2015)
8 Reservation Roster for Horticulture Service (Updated on 20.10.2015)
9 Reservation Roster for Isolated Posts (Updated on 20.10.2015)
10 Reservation Roster for Laboratory Service (Updated on 20.10.2015)
11 Reservation Roster for Library Service (Updated on 20.10.2015)
12 Reservation Roster for Technical Service (Updated on 20.10.2015)
13 Reservation Roster for Transport Service (Updated on 20.10.2015)
Purchase & Stores
1 Policy circular for purchase of Chemicals,Glass & Plastic Wares and Minor Equipments under Rate Contract
1 Maintenance of Records/ Registers
2 Maintenance of Log book for valuable Gadgets
3 Revised procedure for approval of project tour