Employee Login

The following services are provided to the Employees of  the University:


  1. Faculty Management System

    a. Online Leave Management System for Faculty(LMS)

    b. Faculty Profile Updation
  2. Finance - Online Form-16 (TDS Traces)

          a. Download thorugh Employee Management System (EMS) by specifying Employee Code as User Name and PAN Number as password to access the Online Form-16 (TDS Traces). Prefix(es) "0" in the  Employee Code , if any, not to be used/typed.

           b. Download by specifying only PAN Number to access the Online Form-16 (TDS Traces). 

      3. Campus Connect (Wifi) through Employee Management System (EMS)

     * Those Employees registered in Employee Management System can only access the services 1,2(a) and 3.

   Contact Programmer, Computer Centre for any assistance:

   Phone.: 0413-2654850,0413-2654816