Directorate of Distance Education



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Courses Offered

  1. Conventional Mode with Online Admission  

  2. Twinning Mode  
The University entered the field of Distance Education in the academic year 1995 – 96 to cater to the aspirations of students who otherwise could not pursue higher education in the on campus academic programs. To reach out to all those sections of students who are away from the main stream academics, the University has conceived several innovative and job oriented academic programs.
It has been the approach and policy of the University to focus on sector specific job oriented professional programs. The Masters Programs in Management (MBA), among others, offered by the Directorate of Distance Education have made a mark of their own among the quality conscious unemployed youth and working people in the corporate India across the country.

         To attain leadership in sphereheading qualitative and responsible academic programs relevant to the society through cost effective off-campus distance mode of education.
  • To reach out to all those segments of the society who are otherwise outside or deprived of the formal education stream
  • To supplement the efforts of the institutions engaged in on-campus programs through the creation of employable and skilled manpower to meet the growing needs of the economy and
  • To take advantage of the technological developments in the design and delivery of academic programs cutting across the cultural and geographical barriers
  •  Celebrating diversity and valuing experience
  •  Designing market oriented contemporary and socially relevant educational programs
  • Setting benchmarks with respect to quality of the programs
  • Evolving student centric processes and systems and
  •  Contributing to the enhancement of the image of the Pondicherry University