CMIE I Cube Data Centre

CMIE i3 Service

The i3 (Information Infrastructure and Institutions) is a comprehensive service from Centre Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE). It provides all CMIE products on a dedicated server along with the services of an information officer who helps you access the information efficiently.


Economic Intelligence Service (EIS) – Monthly Review on Indian Economy


EIS is designed to present an analytical Macroeconomic view of the Indian economy. It contains our forecasts: It presents the most regularly updated statistics along with descriptive analysis for a range of lead economic indicators. The Monthly Review of the Indian Economy provides a clear integrated view of where the Indian economy stands today and where it is likely to head.

  • National Income Statistics
  • Money & Banking
  • Public Finance
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Foreign Trade
  • Corporate Sector
  • Capital Markets
  • Market Shares and Size of Industrial Products
  • Agriculture

BUSINESS BEACON (BB) - India’s most Comprehensive Database on Economic Indicators


Business Beacon is a database of over 15,000 economic indicators under the following 21 major heads.

  • Population and Demography                   
  • National Accounts
  • Public Finance                                          
  • Money, Banking and Interest Rates
  • Agriculture and Allied Activities            
  • Rainfall
  • Minerals and Industry                              
  • Prices ( WPI , Commodity , Bullion)
  • Energy                                                      
  • Transport and Communication
  • Corporate                                                 
  • Capital Markets
  • Government Market Borrowings             
  • Project Investments
  • Foreign Trade
  • Tourism
  • External Sector
  • Health
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Research and Development

Indian Harvest (IH) – A Comprehensive Database on Agriculture


Indian Harvest is a database of the wide variety of crops cultivated in India. It provides detailed data on agricultural inputs and output. The database is disaggregated up to the district level. And, the time-series extends up to the 1970s.

  • Area
  • Production
  • Yield
  • Farm-harvest prices
  • Value of output of crops
  • Use of fertilisers or other inputs etc.
  • Prices of various agriculture commodities

Indian Harvest provides detailed information on rainfall and abstracts of news relating to Indian agriculture.


Industry Analysis Service (IAS) – Comprehensive Analysis & Datasets of 100 Industries


The Industry Analysis Service is a powerful combination that brings together the advantages of a database service and analysis. It provides both. It helps you remain fully abreast of the trends in individual industries. The service covers around hundred industries. It provides an up-to-date database and an incisive analysis of what the numbers speak.

  • Demand and Supply ( Production, Trade, Consumption)
  • Prices (Domestic & International Market Commodities and Multiple Grades)
  • Financial performance (Growth in sales profits and profitability of companies
  • Investments etc. of the industries
  • Industry News Abstracts

PROWESS – Financial Database of Large & Medium Indian Companies


This includes forecasts and descriptive analysis of the current trends. These analytical reports are available in the form of PDF files. Reports are prepared by CMIE every month. The database covers most of the organised Industrial activities, Banking, organised Financial and other Services sectors in India.

  • Prowess is a database of the financial performance of 26,000 Indian companies.
  • Detailed information of about 1,500 financial indicators sourced from Annual report.
  • Over 100 Ratios for all the companies
  • Times series information of Share price, Financial Indicators and derived indicators
  • Quantitative information like Production, Sales, Raw Material Consumption, Energy
  • Prowess provides time-series data since 1989-90. It is updated every day.
  • Powerful Query module to retrieve the data in a specific format.

CapEx – Database on New and Ongoing Investment Activities


CapEx is a unique database on new and ongoing investment activities in India. These are investments into capacities being created by setting up new plant and machinery. CapEx monitors all such investment projects. CapEx database covers investment projects in the following heads

  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Electricity
  • Infrastructure
  • Services Sectors

CapEx has also created snapshots of the investment situation every quarter since 1995. The resultant time-series provides a useful barometer of the trends in investments in India.


Alpha - Database of Mutual Funds in India


Nearly a thousand mutual funds which have on offer nearly twice as many schemes. Alpha provides you detailed information regarding these and the Asset Management Companies that run these funds. It provides details data on the following

  • Daily net asset value (NAV) since inception
  • Dividend history
  • Financial details
  • New Schemes getting added
  • Portfolio of Individual Mutual Funds
  • Times Series data since 2001
  • Benchmarking of the performance of a scheme to its benchmark index.

International Economic Statistics – A comprehensive Database on International Economy


International Economics Statistics service is designed to provide an India-centric view of the world. It helps users to get a quick view of the recent performance and trend of all the countries of the world. Information is sourced from the most reliable international sources and is updated on a daily basis.

International Economics Statistics is a database of about 752 indicators for 256 countries

  • Land
  • Population
  • National Income
  • Money
  • Interest Rates
  • Prices and Inflation
  • Industrial Production
  • Public Finance
  • Taxes and Duties
  • Defense
  • Stock Markets
  • Agriculture
  • External Sector
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Education
  • Health
  • Labour and Employment
  • Poverty and Income Distribution
  • Pollution and Environment.

India Trades (IT) – Database on India’s Foreign Trade India


Trades provides India’s foreign trade statistics sourced from Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence & Statistics (DGCI&S) and a variety of related data from CMIE’s unique integrated database. A powerful software system enables quick and easy access to the voluminous data to analyse and explore trade opportunities across countries.

  • Over 15,000 Commodities trade statistics
  • Principal Commodities trade across Countries
  • ITC ( HS) – India Harmonised Code System (Commodities traded across Countries)
  • World Trade (Commodity-wise Import & Export Statistics)
  • News Articles on Commodities
  • Exchange Rates

State Analysis Service (SAS) - Analytical view of the Economics of the Major States


The State Analysis Service is designed to present an up-to-date and analytical view of the progress and prospects of the economics of the major states of India. The service is a compilation of Monthly Review of States of India along with state level time series data. Each Monthly Review contains analysis of the recent trends in the economy of the individual State.
Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Pondicherry.

The analysis covers

  • Agriculture
  • Public Distribution
  • Infrastructure
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Investments
  • Prices
  • Tourism
  • Public Finance etc