• Ragging in any from is totally prohibited in the University.
  • Ragging is a serious crime and is punishable by law. Anyone found indulging in ragging will face immediate expulsion from the University and will also be debarred from pursuing course from any other institution.
  • If you come across any instance of Ragging in the University, Please contact any of the numbers noted below (round the clock).


Faculty/Staff Name   Contact No. & Email

Dr. Chennupati K. Ramaiah
Dean, School of Media & Communication



Dean, School of Mathematical Sciences



Dr.R. Raju
Dean, School of Performing Arts



Dean, School of Physical, Chemical & Applied Sciences


Dr. Nalini. J. Thampi
Dean, School of Humanities



Dr. N. Parthasarathy
Dean, School of Life Sciences



Dr.G. Anjaneya Swamy
Dean, School of Management



Dr. S. Mahadevan
Dean(i/c), School of Medical Sciences



Dr. K. Anbalagan
Dean(i/c), Madanjeet School of Green Energy Technologies



Dean, School of Social Sciences & International Studies

Dean, School of Education



Dr. A.Thirunagalingam
Dean, Subramania Bharathi School of Tamil Language & Literature



Dr. P. Dhanavanthan
Dean, School of Engineering & Technology



The Registrar



Dr. D.Lazar
Dean, Students Welfare
Member Secretary


2. Nodal Officer:
Dr. P. Moorthy– Dean, Students Welfare
Cell: 9489965734

3. Deans:

Sl. No. Name of the School Name of the Dean
1 School of Law (Dean i/c)  
2 School of Medical Sciences (Dean i/c) Dr.S.Mahadevan,
Professor (Academic JIPMER)
3 Ramanujan School of Mathematical Sciences  
4 School of Life Sciences Prof. N.P.Parthasarathy
5 School of Humanities Prof. Nalini J. Thampi
6 School of Physical, Chemical & Applied Sciences  
7 School of Engg. & Technology Prof. R.Subramanian
8 School of Education (Dean i/c) Prof. P.K.Subramanian
9 School of Management Dr.G. Anjaneyaswamy
10 Subramania Bharathi School of Tamil Language & Literature (Dean i/c) Prof. A.Thirunagalingam
11 School of Performing Arts Prof. R.Raju
12 School of Media & Communication Prof. C.K.Ramaiah
13 Madanjeet School of Green Energy Technologies (Dean i/c) Prof. K.Anbalagan
14 School of Social Sciences & International Studies  

4. Rector:
 Lt. Governor. Ajay Kumar Singh


5. Proctor:

6. Hostel Wardens:
            All the contact numbers are available in the academic planner
            Boys Hostel

  1. Dr. S. Sudalai Muthu,– Chief Warden (Men) - 9443212314
  2. Deputy Chief Warden – I Year Hostels Dr. Surendra Kumar Sia
  3. Deputy Chief Warden - II Year Hostels Dr.P.B.Shankar Narayan
  4. Dr. A. Joseph Kennedy
  5. Dr. P.S. Velmurugan
  6. Dr. P.S. Velmurugan
  7. Dr. Anil Pratap Giri
  8. Dr. Ajeet Jaiswal
  9. Dr. Santhosh Mathew
  10. Dr. A. Ramesh Naidu
  11. Dr. Mangkhollen Singson
  12. Dr. Rajesh Gururaj Kundargi
  13. Dr. Pradeep Kumar Parida
  14. Shri M. Rejoyson Thangal
  15. Dr.P.B.Shankar Narayan
  16. Dr. C. Satheesh Kumar
  17. Dr. K. Suresh Joseph
  18. Dr. Ujjwal Jana

Girls Hostel

  1. DR. D. SULTANA – Chief Warden (Women) -9994078707/476
  6. DR. REKHA.R.V

7. Mess Incharges:

            a. Shri R. Lakshminarayanan – Gents Hostels
            b. Shri P. Gopi – Gents Hostels
            c. Mrs. S. Vijayalakshmi – Girls Hostels

8. Library Incharges :

  1. Dr. R. Samyuktha – Libraraian -  Central Library
  2. Dr. V. Nagalingam  - Dy. Librarian

Assistant Librarians – 7
Professional Assistants – 6
Library Assistants – 9

9. PG Incharges:
          Concerned Deans and HoDs

10. Recreation Room Incharges:
          Shri N.G. Anbalagan – Residen Warden

11. Rest Room Incharges:

Shri N. Sankaramourthy – Assistant Engineer
Sanitary Assistants through Outsourcing agencies assigned to each building, under the supervision of Sanitary Inspector Mr. Radha Krishnan

12.  Details of Local Police/Civil Administration:

Sub Inspector – Mr. Ramesh
Kalapet Police Station – (0413) 2655142

Hospitals inside the Campus:

  1. Pondicherry University Health Centre is functioning in the campus
  2. PIMS extension unit functioning 24 x 7 inside the campus

Hospitals outside the Campus:
a. Pondicherry Institute of Medical Services
b. Primary Health Centre, Kalapet

13. Ambulance:
          Two Ambulances on 24 x 7  basis are available in the campus
University Ambulance
Model : Maruthi Van
Reg. No: PY-01-X-7228
D.O.P : 11-05-2004
Driver's Name : Shri. M. Nagarathinam
Cell     : 9894463881

Comfort Tours and Travels
Ambulance Duty Drivers

1. Name Shri. V. Kandaswamy
Cell:  9095932400
Time: 7.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m

2. Name : Shri . K. Shankar
Cell    : 9597190016
Model: Tempo Traveller
Reg. No: PY-01-BE- 1363
Time: 7.00 p.m to 7.00 a.m

14. Reception Officers:

            Shri K. Mahesh – Assistant Registrar (Public Relations Wing)
            Section Officer – 1 No.
            Assistants – 1 No.
            Office Attendants -  2 No.

15. Details of Contractors/Incharges of Toilets/Lifts:

The Pondicherry University has engaged the following Contractors/House Keeping Agencies for maintenance of toilets and rest rooms:

  1. Seenu Industrial Man Power Services, Puducherry
  2. Raju Man Power Services, Puducherry
  3. Palani Contractor, Puducherry
  4. First man management services, Chennai.

Total No. of Sweepers through Outsourcing – 238 Nos.
The above contractors are managed and supervised by the following University staff:
a. Shri N. Sankaramourthy – Assistant Engineer
b. Shri G. Radhakrishnan – Sanitary Inspector

The Pondicherry University has engaged the following Contract Agencies for maintenance of Lifts:

  1. Johnson
  2. OTIS
  3. OMEGA
  4. Kone
  5. Thyssen Krupp

The above contractors are managed and supervised by the University staff:
Shri V. Mourougavelou – Assistant Engineer


16. Lab Incharges:
Concerned Head of the Department/authorized Faculty member of the Department

17. Computer Room Incharges:

            Shri Marie Stanislas Ashok – Systems Manager & Head
            Phone No: (0413) 2654251
            System Analyst – 1 No.
            Programmer – 1 No.

 18.  Details of Security Officers and Security guards:

The Pondicherry university has engaged M/s. Bavani Security Agencies,  24x7 with CCTV facilities under the supervision of

1. Mrs. P.Thamilarasi - Officer on Special Duty
S.P., Govt of Puducherry
Phone. No: (0413) 2654253
Cell No: 9442254059   

2. Shri  G.Sundararaj -     Assistant Security Officer
Phone No: (0413) 2654553

247 Security guards are posted in various points of the campus
Mr. P.G. Subramaniam is the Security Officer of M/s Bavani Security Agencies and 20 Nos.  of  Assistant Security Officers are Co-ordinating with him.

19.  Details of Emergency Response system:
I) Fire fighting extinguishers have been installed in all the buildings
II) CCTV Surveillance
The above system is supervised by Officer on  Special Duty and Assistant Engineer Civil and Assistant Engineer Electrical and  Assistant Security Officer.
20.  Details of Bus Incharges:         

a. Dr. S.R. Kannan - Officer-in-charge- Transport
b. Shri D. Babu  -     Assistant Registrar (Transport)
21. Details of Parking Incharges:

 G.Sundararaj - Assistant Security Officer

22. Details of Women Cell:

a. Dr.G. Chandrika - Professor & Head- Department of History
b.  Dr.S. Sivasathya - Associate Professor- Department of Computer Science
c.  Ms. Sowmya Rajan, Ph.D. Scholar - Department of Physics
d. Mrs.K. Rajalakshmi - Private Secretary- Registrar’s Secretriat

23.  Details of Liaison Officers:

  1. Dr. K. Devan- Public Greivance Officer- Liaison Officer- OBC Matters
  2. Dr. S.Manivannan- Deputy Registrar- Liaison Officer (Persons with Disabilities)
  3. Dr. S.K.Balasundaram- Deputy Registrar- SC/ST (Special Reservation Cell)


 24. Students Monitors and Leaders:

  1. Every student is assigned  a faculty advisor from his/her Dept.
  2. The students have elected the Students Council members through elections.


25. Details of Anti-Ragging Cases:


26.  First Aid Details:

Pondicherry University has two Full time Doctors managing the University Health Centre inside the Campus.

  1.  Dr. Sheela Das   -  Chief Medical Officer- 0413- 2656173
  2.  Dr. S. Mahalakshmi -  Senior Medical Officer- 0413- 2655184

Further, inside the University campus there is  24 hrs Medical services unit Offered by one of the Multi-Speciality Hospital in Puducherry- PIMS.


27. Counselors Details:

  1. Prof. K.Jeevaratnam – Dean, Students Welfare
  2. Assistant Dean- Students Welfare
  3. Faculty advisors – Heads and Deans of departments.


28. FIR’s Lodged- 2014 & 2015:

29.  Present Status:
One Case is under enquiry


Identity of the caller will be kept confidential, if so desired.

Contact details:

  1. Help line no. 1800-180-5522
  2. E-mail Id :,
  3. Website :,
  4. Anti Ragging Monitoring Agency:
    • Aman Movement for Eradication of Ragging, 689, Sector 23, Gurgaon - 122 017 (Haryana)
    • National Anti-Ragging, UGC, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi Pin: 110 002 India

Undertaking by the students before Registration of course to curb the menace of ragging in our University (Updated - 13.03.2015)

UGC Regulations on curbing the menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions-2009 (Updated - 13.07.2009)

Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions

Anti - ragging - UTPLSA

UGC Regulations on curbing the menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions-2009 (new)(Updated - 02.09.2011)

Prevention and prohibition of Ragging in technical Institutions, Universities including Deemed to be Universities imparting technical education.