MITRA: Mobile Initiated Tracking and Rescue Application - An Android Application for Women's Safety
For Puducherry region
For Pondicherry University Campus
About MITRA ...

MITRA- Mobile Initiated Tracking & Rescue Application is an android application to ensure women safety in times of distress. It is like an SOS customized especially for the Puducherry region. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, you simply need to long press the audio button of your mobile. The application gets launched automatically and sends your location and nearest police station details as SMS to your registered friends. It does not require an internet connection.
PU-MITRA has been customized to ensure students' safety within Pondicherry University campus.

MITRA Features ...

  • You can choose 3 friends/relatives to whom alert message should be sent during emergency.
  • You need not manually open the app during emergency.
  • On long pressing the audio button, MITRA tracks your location through GPS and finds the nearest police station from your current location and sends their Phone number to your three registered friends.
  • Your friends may contact the nearest police station from the details given in the message.
  • MITRA also updates your current location every 5 minutes(Max twice) to your friends
  • A Decline option is provided to cancel the messages sent if the application is launched by mistake.
  • If you are forced to decline through your attacker, a wrong password entry facility is provided.
  • Other useful information like Police stations in Puducherry and their telephone numbers, NGOs, helplines, etc. are also provided in MITRA.
  • For the installation procedure view the video given above.
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  • P.S : To enable faster location tracking enable google API location manager in your mobile
    [ Goto : setting->location->google API]